The Party Malaise

What is a crypto-socialist to do when even his best friends abandon him?  Obama, and his useful idiots Pelosi and Reid, are becoming persona non grata in the lame-brain media.  The New Obama Times is turning on him.  The Washington ComPost is regularly criticizing the Dear Leader.  Even MSNBC’s wingnuts are shaking their heads and sighing.  Can the Incompetent-in-chief prevail when even his most adamant supporters are wringing their collectivist hands and donning sackcloth and ashes? 

Charles Blow of the New Obama Times writes, “It is becoming increasingly apparent that the magic has drained away. Even among his most ardent supporters, there now exists a certain frustration and disillusionment — not necessarily in the execution of his duties, but in his inability to seize moments, chart a course and navigate the choppy waters of public opinion.”  If the Anointed One cannot regain his mojo and woo back the public, all is lost.  Blow is the quintessential race-baiter who swooped in on a Tea Party looking for racists under every bush.  He couldn’t find one.  He was disappointed.  The evil, oppressive, racist white man wasn’t lashing out at his Man.  The people were expressing rage at the Democratic and Republican political spending machines.  That took all the air out of his balloon, as well the rest of the political elitist establishment.  The narrative prophesized that once the evil, oppressive, racist white man was defeated, the world would shine anew.  It didn’t work and so malaise in the Party has set in.

In the Washington ComPost, E.J. Dionne, Obamanation spokesman is troubled.  He writes, “Democrats should feel a lot better than they do. They enacted a health care bill that had been their dream for more than 60 years. They pulled the country out of a terrifying economic spiral. They are on the verge of passing the biggest reform of Wall Street since the New Deal.”  And yet, people are furious.  He is perplexed.  They have identified the enemy, economic freedom.  They’ve isolated the culprits, capitalists.  They’ve destroyed economic confidence and prosperity.  They’ve managed to turn everyone into paranoid schizophrenics when it comes to Big Brother, and yet the people are turning against their socialist narrative.  There is something seriously wrong with the Democratic Party, Dionne has surmised.  While they should be celebrating the wholescale destruction of the American Dream and the American Experiment, they are sad and downcast.  Obama is taking it on the chin.

Rachel Maddow, dedicated collectivist and despiser of all things free market, offered this advice to her Dear Leader.  The far left is not happy with the rate of destruction of private business.  It must be accelerated.  These are her points on more quickly assuming a command and control economy in response to Obama’s Oval Office speech:

1. “Never again, will any company, anyone, be allowed to drill in a location where they are incapable of dealing with the potential consequences of that drilling.”
2. “I’m announcing a new federal command specifically for containment and cleanup of oil that has already entered the Gulf of Mexico, with a priority on protecting shoreline that can still be saved; shoreline that is vulnerable to oil that has not yet been hit.”
3. “I no longer say that we must get off oil like every president before me has said too. I no longer say that we must get off oil. We will get off oil and here’s how: The United States Senate will pass an energy bill. This year.”

The widespread crippling of the economic engine has not happened at a pace acceptable to wingnuts.  Instead, we must assume total control, damn the Constitution, and full speed ahead into the economic abyss.  People are not mad about their loss of freedom and prosperity.  People, according to Maddow, are furious that evil, oppressive, racist white men are not being destroyed quickly enough.  It’s not a failure of their policies.  It is a failure to fully enact and push the collectivist narrative.  That is what Maddow believes is fueling the ennui of the Democratic Party.

However, the problem isn’t the attitude, the perception, or the pace of change in America.  That isn’t what is driving down the Socialist Worker Democratic Party numbers and the Dear Leader’s polls.  What is sinking them politically is their policies and philosophy.  Their entire plan was to destroy the enemy, the evil, oppressive, racist white man, and once that happened, everything would be coming up roses.  The narrative is predicated entirely on the depravity of The Evil, Oppressive, Racist White Man.  Once The Man has been humbled and destroyed, there will be peace and prosperity for all. 

But that didn’t happen.  They passed the stimulus bill and the economy stagnated.  They passed the healthcare takeover and the heavens didn’t open up.  They have routinely humiliated and demeaned private citizens who engaged in lawful economic gain, and the world became no happier.  Instead, they have hobbled our country, spat on its citizens, and assumed unbelievable control over their lives. 

And no one is cheering.  That’s were the malaise comes in.