Behind the Curve

The Cryto-socialists are completely baffled. 

They are beyond believing their own eyes.  We told them we were pissed.  We told them to stop spending and taking over the country with their radical ideas.  But, they didn’t listen.  I think a few of them are starting to get a little worried.

Jonathan Martin in Politico writes, “[t]he back-to-back primary defeats of two powerful appropriators have sent an unmistakable message to lawmakers: The trappings of power can be a trap.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0510/37167.html#ixzz0nrEdLpCl

Martin, while acknowledging problems for the Socialist Workers Democratic Party, he still thinks that the ouster of big spending Republican, Bob Bennett is about anti-incumbency and not a complete rejection of the left wing agenda.  For months they have been trying so very, very hard to portray the anger in this country as first, mere annoyances, then astro-turf, then stupid racists, and finally just Republican caterwauling.  When the people reject the messengers, I think it just might be the message and not the ‘perception’ that is a problem. 

But, some are clearly worried and starting to let it show.  James Carville bemoaned, “[t]he White House and Democrats are ‘acutely aware’ of the sentiment in the country, said Democratic strategist James Carville on “Good Morning America” today, and it’s ‘absolutely possible’ that Democrats could lose control of Congress. 

Now, I do not believe for a minute Carville believes the policy is the problem.  Like his fellow moonbeamers, he believes the media has not done enough.  The Party has not stood up strongly enough.  The President is just having a bad hair day.  But, he is warning his fellow Travelers the giant left wing takeover could hit a few bumps in the road.  But some are sanguine about the Party’s chances this fall.

“Rep. Tom Perriello of Virginia raised $587,000 to end the January-March period with $1.4 million in cash, while fellow freshman Rep. Betsy Markey of Colorado built up a $1.3 million war chest by collecting just over $500,000 from donors.


In the Senate, vulnerable Democrats ended the quarter with huge cash reserves, some approaching $10 million.” Reuters -David Morgan April 18th, 2010.  For the Democratic Party and the cryto-socialists, everything hinges on cash.  If they have the cash, they will win.  They are deeply convinced that Republicans have stolen elections from them through sheer force of election spending, not on the issues.  So, they are collecting campaign contributions as quickly as they can before the cow runs dry.  That probably won’t help them much.  Being wrong on the issues doesn’t pull your fat from the fire, it only makes it burn hotter as the lies become more evident.

But, the Party is not ready to abandon its Fabian socialist agenda quite yet.  They honestly believe they are going to come out all right.  In the mean time, expect the knives to come out soon.  The radical Left is not going to stop working toward the destruction of America.  They are true believers in our transformation into Greece/France/Spain/Scandanavia.  They have money, they’ve got the press, and they have all levers of governmental power.  Don’t think for one second they won’t use them to catch up.

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