Future Under Obamanomics

The very same policy ideas and principles underlying Obamanomics and the far left wing of the Socialist Workers, er Democratic Party are at play, in real time, before our very eyes.  If we need any examples of economic doom under this regime’s government takeover of healthcare, education, and energy, we need only to glance briefly to our south and our east. 

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is more outgoing and boistrous than our pet socialist Obama, but their principles are similar.  Chavez believes government should run everything and dissent must be quashed.  Obama may not be quite as candid, but he really seems to be simpatico with Chavez’s aims. 

However, Venezuela isn’t so hot right now.  The Washington ComPost had a article about the rolling  blackouts because of the lack of electricity in a country sitting on oceans of oil and hydroelectric potential that embarrasses the world.  Chavez has stifled industry, publicized the private sector, and tamed the corporations in regards to investment and employee pay.  They are a shrinking economy teetering on the verge of collapse.

Meanwhile, over in Europe, the Greeks struggle with gargantuan public debt to pay the public sector unions.  Spain is swimming in the red because of enormous social services and green energy initiatives.  Portugal can’t pay its bills.  Italy’s debt is beyond repair.  The UK is immersed in a political fight with itself.  Only Germany seems able to take care of itself.

But, that will not stop the spendaholics in the Democratic Party.  Obamanomics is here to stay and with it the coming collapse of our economy.  Very few of the political class realize the impending doom these ideas will have on the general population.  But, if anyone is curious, ask a Venezuelan, Greek, Spanish, or Portugese citizen if these policies are sound.  You may get an earful.