Shibboleth of 'Majority Rule'

Another powerful driving point behind the Democratic Party’s collectivist philosophy is the notion that we are a ‘democratic’ nation and democracy is defined as ‘majority rule’.  They believe if they can hobble together a coalition of people who agree to work together for a set of policies, they have won.  Of course, collectivists don’t really understand the American Experiment.  It has nothing to do with ‘majority rule’, coalition building, or faction warfare.

Democracy, the far left contends, is majority rule.  They throw around this idea like it is a given.  However, democracy is not majority rule, it is rule by the people.  That means people have the right to self-determination as to how they, as individuals and society as a whole, operate.  Democracy only works when people feel empowered to make decisions in a society.  So, democracy needs to have certain ways to achieve consensus.

One of the mechanisms democracies use to find a consensus among the people is the idea that ‘majority rules.’  It is immersed in the idea that it is the greatest good for the greatest number.  That doesn’t mean the people give up their power of self-determination as a whole.  It merely allows the society to find a way to make a final decision on a policy.  That idea is embedded deeply within our founding. 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed . . .” Declaration of Independence.

Rights, such as a voice in the democratic process, are not rights that can be collectively taken for granted. They are rights that are inalienable, unremoveable, that give us the ability to agree with some things and disagree with others.  Just because we are identified or identify with a certain faction, doesn’t mean we have given ourselves over for every decision by the collectivist coalition.  In other words, just because a majority agrees on this issue, it is not a given they will agree on the rest, and that is the one part that makes collectivists crazy.

Collectivists believe, deep down, that our rights flow from society.  For people to have a voice and say in their governance, they must band together with like individuals into coalitions that will argue and enable a ‘majority’ of them to rule.  That flies in the face of our very founding.  When Jefferson wrote that governments are only empowered by the consent of the governed, he was saying that governments are not groups of people but instead the people themselves.  That was a revolutionary concept unknown to have ever been employed.

Europeans, at the time, believed their rights were in a kind of layer cake.  The king was divinely empowered to rule.  The noble classes were supposed to enable the rule of the man to extend to the rest of society.  The rest of us were mere rubble that would produce enough to feed and clothe the elite and would be suffered enough rights to make their lives bearable.  Power flowed from the top to trickle to the masses.

Jefferson, and the other founders, believed sincerely in John Locke’s crazy notion of democracy as a shared consensus of all of society and where each and every person had the right to a say in creating policy, regardless of station in life.  Collectivists in Europe believed the opposite.  They believed power came from society, not the divine, and that each and every person were merely tokens on the way to a rule. 

Democrats are solely collectivist. 

Many Republicans are also collectivist.

Factions are always collectivist, and that is the problem the founders warned against.

They worried about factions for the same reason we see our country in serious turmoil.  The collectivist notions that the Democratic Party and this administration are deploying, are destroying our common democratic arrival at consensus.  This refusal to use actual consensus to create policy is what is taking its toll on the American people.  By shoving policy we all know is bad, down our throats, the Democratic Party intends to rule society instead of society ruling them.

That is why they hate real dissent.  That is why they despise people who dare criticize them, especially people whose perceived identity should make them collectivists. 

Women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are despised because they are supposed to be collectivists.  That is what collectivists havetold themselves over and over again.  If you are a perceived member of one of their collectivist groups, you must bow to the group.  That is why they hate black conservatives, gay conservatives, Hispanic conservatives, female conservatives, and immigrant conservatives.  They do not follow the game plan.

The shibboleth is just that, a shibboleth.  The Truth drives them absolutely nuts.

Until they are shown that democracy is for us to say and not for ‘them’ alone, we will be in a serious battle.  It’s time to show them the door.