Why I Don't Believe These Attacks

Political discourse is one of the most important parts of a democracy.  The collectivist narrative being spun right now is the dissenters against the Democratic machine are a bunch of wild, crazed lunatics who will stop at nothing, including violence, to make their point.  They are being riled up by irresponsible rightwing Republican leaders who are paid agents of big business.  It is the poor, put upon left which is being targeted with hatred because of their inherent diversity and communal altruism toward the less fortunate.  This is all a bunch of Pelosi [per my father’s changing his verbage from bulls–t to a more accurate term.]

First, is anyone really surprised the Congressional Black Communists (CBC) are seeing a racist behind every bush.  Remember, last summer when they got caught vandalizing their own property with racist rhetoric.  You cannot engage in such skullduggery and expect the people to believe your story.  Racial epithets being hurled at elected officials is wrong.  However, if no one else heard such a thing, it becomes increasingly difficult to consider whether that tree actually fell in the forest.  If such speech is not published, it is simply not relevant.  But, trying to make political hay with such slander of the public is what is truly beneath contempt for the process. 

It is also beyond belief that these elected officials have been in office and never had a cross word uttered in their presence.  Can we really believe that such language and actions are only now coming into play?  Of course not.  It is unbelievable to think they have been universally loved and pampered by an adoring populace and only now they have been pilloried unfairly.  Nary a popular figure has ever been without their vociferous critics.  Wingnuts have been doing questionable things to public figures as long as there have been public figures.  That doesn’t mean an entire movement is bent on violent revolution with blood running in the streets.  This claim of sudden eruption is simply too silly to consider.

Using political theater, like laying a coffin on a congressman’s lawn, is not an act of terror.  If so, the whee-wheed-up left, which protests and/or demonstrates at the drop of a hat, would have to be considered terrorists too.  But, the Democratic machine of press and party whitewash leftist violence and rhetoric as spirited debate.  Following the RNC convention in 2008, the Democratic machine bullied the justice system to let the protestors who broke windows, planned kidnappings, screamed vicious accusations, saved urine and feces in jars, and made Molotov cocktails off with hardly an admonition.  They consider Code Pink activities above the law while castigating activists on the right for taking pictures of phone lines. 

But then, we are just a bunch of paid sponsors for the insurance industry.

Wasn’t it Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big Healthcare who all lined up at the White House for their piece of this takeover?  I seem to remember it was the president who named all these nefarious characters as on board with his plan.  How do they get a place at the table while we get the blame?  It doesn’t even make a modicum of sense if you think about it even casually.  

Finally, it is even more absurd for the collectivists to make the claim we want to let people die from lack of health coverage.  We have a plethora of public and private organizations that work to get people the health care they need.  Never has anyone died from not having health insurance.  It is not a fatal disease.  People have died from not having health care, but that is a completely different argument.  If we can get people the care they need, not desire, need, why blow up the whole system?  But, that is not an argument they want to engage in. 

The collectivists instead want to demonize and marginalize their political enemies.  The lame-brained press will help them in any way they can.  It is not a narrative that holds one tiny speck of truth.  We must point this out at every turn.