Outsourced Government

We really need to make this case.

President Obama has created a panel to look into ways to cut the deficits he’s created.  This panel, based on the military base closing commission, is supposed to put politics aside and find ways to trim the red ink.  Of course, this commission was created for the sole purpose of insulating him from the inevitable conclusions; cut spending and raise taxes.  He thinks he’s pulling a fast one on the American people.  But, we should really raise the roof because he’s completely abdicating government’s responsibility in this matter.  He is, in fact, outsourcing the work of Congress.

We have a democratically republican system of government.  The populace votes representatives to do their collective work for them.  The president, elected by all the citizens, is supposed to create a budget for the good of the whole country.  Congress is supposed to argue, debate, and decide from what parts of the economy the revenues will flow and to what areas these funds will be allocated.  That is the single most important role for Congress.  In our system of checks and balances, the power of the purse is Congress’ most potent.

Barack Obama is seeking to circumvent that political process through this commission.  He hopes the commission will come back with both spending cuts that will hurt and tax increases he favors.  He will promptly dismiss the spending cuts and immediately press Congress to rubber stamp the tax increases.  He will use the commission report as a kind of bludgeon to ‘force’ the representatives to enact his will.  This is insane.

If the president wants to do his job properly, he should have sent a responsible budget in the first place.  Having nonelected officials carry his water is ridiculous.  He is, in fact, making the case that he and his party are irresponsible spendthrifts who do not have the intestinal fortitude to make wise, sane decisions.  Instead, he is blaming the ‘system’ for his and his party’s inability to say ‘no’ to their partisans. 

It’s not the system that’s broke, Mr. President, it’s your party.  If they cannot act responsibly and reasonably while doing their most important business, collecting and allocating money, then they need to be shown the door.  Obama is really telling the American people that he and his party are nothing but spineless hacks who cannot govern and cannot make hard choices.  They are worthless.

That is the case that must be made to the population.  Telling the American people that their president doesn’t have faith in either himself or his party is job one.  This fall we can decide it is time to send some adults and roust out the clowns and poseurs.  Now is the time to make that case.  It is imperative we don’t let him get away with this blatantly deceptive commission.  

We don’t need an outsourced government.  We need a new, inhouse government that will do it’s work.