As the Democratic Party-run press continues to work and create divisions on the right, the real battle continues within their own party.  Fissures between the ‘Tea Party’ and the traditional GOP, conservative litmus tests, and challenges to established Republican legislators are all written with glee, hoping against hope the right will implode and therefore protect the vulnerable liberals.  The left has a message that makes the public cringe, a president that doesn’t know what he’s doing, and a leadership with nothing but contempt for the voters.  Evan Bayh’s exit from the Senate isn’t just bad news, it’s a declaration of war against his own far left comrades.

While there are conflicts between traditional Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party adherents, they are talking.  For example, a relationship isn’t dead because the husband and wife argue, it’s dead when the silence is deafening.  On the right, people are disagreeing, but they agree on the most important parts.  They are conversing and considering what is best for the nation.

On the left, the Progressive/Socialist wing has taken over.  When meeting with the president, his ‘sit down, we won’ comment was directed as much at the regular Democratic members as it was the Republicans.  When they were ironing out the House bill, the less radical members were excluded.  These people have egos.  They have pride and a sense of duty to do the best they can.  Being excluded and marginalized as not radical enough is a trial for them.  Bayh’s exit is an example of the frustration many of those mere liberals feel who are not Regressive/Marxists. 

The two wings are not speaking, at all.  All seems right with the world because there is no demonstrable antipathy.  However, the frustration, as expressed by Bayh and the retiring ‘centrists,’ show a serious problem for the Democrats.  You see, it is not just candidates who are feeling excluded and ignored.  It is also segments of the Democratic coalition.  They will not act out right now.  Their radical brethern have seen to it they keep quiet.  Bubbling under the surface is more disappointment and discontent.  If the Democrats keep losing, in the polls and in the field,  their sane base will rebel and rebel hard. 

The coming eruption will be within the Democratic Party and not the Republican.  As long as we keep a dialogue open and an engaging process working, the right can work it out.  But the silence and suppression within the left will explode.  Someone will have to lead the party back should November go especially bad, and Bayh will be in just that sort of golden position.  Anyone who believes the Indiana senator does not want to be president is very naive.  He is positioning himself as the savior of the party.  The internals are looking really bad for the Democrats.  Their outcome in November may even be worse than the most optimistic Republicans are predicting.  If the far left is annoyed, and the near left dispirited, the turnout will be disasterous for them.  It would lead to a wave that makes Massachusetts look like a ripple.  Should the left continue to founder, a 2010 loss of 100 seats in the House could be very possible.  Should the rift open up, it is likely probable.