Cracking Up

The hapless liberals are scurrying around trying to make sense of the loss of Massachusetts to a conservative.  Some are clearly delusional.  Some are spinning the story so much they look like square dancers.  Some are obviously disheartened and morose.  Some are trying to make lemonade.  However, for all in the Democratic Party, that curious yellow liquid running down their legs is not lemonade.  No, it certainly is not.

Progressive Democrats’ religion is government.  They believe fervently that government is the be all and end all to their existence.  They live and breathe the power it confers.  They also believe they cannot be wrong.  The ever-loving narrative of a Marxian world of capitalist oppressors versus the beleagured proletariat colors every single event that transpires.  As a result, what most of us see does not appear the same to them.  It is absolutely impossible for the people to vote against their beknighted, holy candidates unless evil, vicious, manipulative capitalists are polluting their poor befuddled minds.  Hence, the strange world of progressives and socialists post-Brown.

The most blatant and obvious example of this bizarro world comes from an exchange between the collectivist Chris Matthews and socialist Howard Dean on Hardboiled.  They are discussing the Massachusetts election and Dean has posited the idea the people voted against Washington because the health care takeover wasn’t radical enought.  Therefore, he divines, Democrats should become more left wing in order to capture those votes. 

MATTHEWS: Oh! You rationally would not have voted for the conservative Republican because he’s against health care, but you say the voters are irrational. They somehow send smoke signals in their voting. They vote for a conservative Republican who’s totally against health care to tell the country they want a progressive health care program. That’s crazy!

DEAN: We know what they did.
MATTHEWS: Are voters crazy?
DEAN: We actually know that they did.

Now, Matthews is a tried and true left wing wingnut, but even he cannot swallow the story Dean is trying to spin.  Bromance with Obama aside, Matthews points out the unreal nature of the results with the narrative.  Dean, however, is more than willing to sell this malarkey as Truth in spite of the facts and the impact of the election.  But, as bad as Dean appears in this exchange, the far left is hellbent to sell this storyline.  Obama himself is trying to make the same point.  In his interview with George Snuffalupagus on This Week, he made the ridiculous claim that the same anger that elected Brown had elected him.  That old nag will no longer carry any water.  But what he said later is quite telling.

“And if you ask the average person what was our stimulus package, they’ll tell you, ‘The bank bailout.”

And I can say, “Well, no — actually that started before I was sworn in, and we’ve managed it very well.” But it doesn’t negate that sense on peoples’ part that nobody is looking after them in an extremely tough situation.”

What Dean was trying to sell on Hardboiled is exactly what the president is trying to sell.  First, the ‘average’ person doesn’t know the difference between a bailout and a stimulus package.  He demeans the entire American populace.  Now, if he’s talking to the nitwits who were chanting and raging for him before his win in 2008, we know they may be that mind-numbingly stupid.  But, for the vast majority of the electorate, they know the difference and they have seen the abysmal results of his program. 

His second point is equally as offensive.  He presumes this fictionally stupid electorate is looking for someone to “look after them” as though he was the Supernanny of the country instead of its president.  That isn’t the job of a president.  You can just hear the tape playing in his head that tells him these stupid people need babysitting and it is my job to tell them what to do and what not to do.

That is classic socialist and progressive thought.  They do not believe we are capable or entitled to live independant, free lives.  They must direct and regulate because the people are just too plain ignorant to do so.  Obama is merely expressing the contempt the left feels regarding the bulk of the country.  Of course, Stephanopolous doesn’t catch that, he feels exactly the same way.

This narrative of an angry and rudderless Massachusetts electorate rang throughout the political pale.  The Boston Globe had a headline that argued “Voter Anger Caught Fire in Final Days”.  Bill Clinton suggested, “….My experience is when people are frustrated and angry and they act on their frustration and anger, they’ve got about a 75 percent chance of making a bad decision — not just in politics, but in life.”  The Washington [Com]Post’s Dan Balz and Jon Cohen wrote a piece with the headline, “Frustration with D.C. Fuels GOP in Mass.”  While admitting the independent voters were furious with the current administration’s policies and congressional actions, they paint these voters as somewhat schizophrenic by first adopting Obama and now Brown. 

Throughout these examples, the Democratic Party paints the American populace as stupid, crazy, unreliable, rabid, and a mindless animal that races from one side to the other without much in the way of reason. 

The assault on the average American continues. 

Some in the Democratic Party are beginning to see the light, at least a little.  To borrow the old adage about GM, if the Democratic Party has a sniffle in Massachusetts, the national party gets pneumonia.  Evan Bayh, Jim Webb, and even Barney Frank are recognizing this turn of events for what it is, a full scale repudiation of the Washington takeover of everything and the massive spending without pause.  While they are not acknowledging all the parts, they are beginning to understand that without knowing they have a problem, they will not be able to fix it.  The Democratic Party is about ready to begin imploding.  The Dean versus Matthews disagreement is simply a taste of things to come.