The Press Is Apoplectic . . . Good

While listening to Hannity on the radio yesterday, it was interesting to hear Jake Tapper, the ABC News White House Correspondent, ask why the Democratic Party-run press was being excluded from the Tea Party Nation convention.  He was truly shocked and hurt that his profession would have to watch from the sidelines.  Tapper indicated he thought the whole arrangement was counterproductive to the movement because without the lame-brained media covering the proceedings, it wouldn’t get the attention they would surely want.  Sean was very nice in trying to explain to Tapper that the movement didn’t trust them.  Tapper was clearly shaken.  He wanted to know names and dates of when the state-run media had betrayed the public trust.  Hannity nicely let him in on the dirty little secret we all know but the press is clueless about.  Tapper’s profession of objective journalism is dead. 

Kevin Diaz, Democratic Farm-Labor StarTribune reporter is also furious.  Michele Bachmann is speaking at the convention and he wanted access so he could once again misrepresent and smear her with his liberal bias.  “This from the people who brought us last summer’s media-saturated Town Hall meetings.”  He snarls with obvious disdain in a piece titled, ‘Palin, Bachmann Tea Party sessions closed to press’ on the StarTribune website.  Of course, the StarTribune refused to print much in the way of Town Hall meetings or Tea Party events unless dragged kicking and screaming to such images and reporting. 

For example, the StarTribune had a quarter column story before the April 15th event and then a lengthier article the next day about the protests.  However, at least a third of the article discussed the pro-tax rally of a couple of hundred wingnuts and accusations by progressive leaders that the people present were not ‘real’ protestors but stage dressing.  They included pictures of some of the more extremely provocative signs, but no crowd shots at all.   Television reporting covered less than ten minutes if you added all the local coverage together.

The national press didn’t report it much either.  For every picture of protestors, they cut to some moron spouting polling data about how complacent the American people are about taxes, how ‘some observers’ note the protests are not real, and of course our favorite, the First Family pays taxes so you should just sit down and shut up. 

The town hall meetings were equally as ignored for as long as they could do so.  Youtube, the conservative blogs, and Fox were the only people showing the raucous meetings to the public.  For the most part, it took two weeks for the national media to begin talking about the serious anger at these meetings of liberal Democrats.  Even then, they cut to Nancy Pelosi spouting off about swastikas, Harry Reid smirking about ‘evil-doers’ and Democratic congresspeople trying to paint hate symbols on their own property. 

They tried their damnedest to diminish and humiliate these people.  Anderson Cooper’s “It’s hard to talk when you’re teabagging” comment is indicative of the kind of mean-spirited sophomoric arguments these people made.  What is even more telling is the fact Cooper took over a month to apologize for his filthy comment about American protestors.  His fellow elites gave him a complete pass.  Cooper was not even the most offensive.  Amy Klobuchar’s BFF Rachel Maddow was even more disrespectful.  Not a single journalist, outside Fox, said a word.

But, now they want access to the convention.  After such treatment, they seem shocked that these Americans might distrust them.  They are completely dumbfounded their ratings are sliding and the public trust has evaporated.  They cannot understand how conservatives, after years of mockery, may decide to give their own media outlets exclusive access.  Let them dine on the scraps left after the banquet.  Let these buffoons redigest and become secondary sources to the events.  Good.  Choke on your bad behavior.  You’ve earned it.