Making Unlike Things Seem Alike

With the Dear Leader in a political firestorm, his faithful lackeys in the press are working hard to cover his irresponsible behavior.  Following the panty-bomber’s escapade on Christmas Day, the Obama administration did very little to respond to the situation.  Sure, on Sunday they trotted out Gibbs and Napolitano to try and sugarcoat the episode, but otherwise the president was ‘unexpectedly’ [AP’s Favorite Word] silent. 

With Gibbs and Napolitano’s unintelligible comments becoming a national joke, the president stepped out of the shadows to make an ‘allegedly’ important comment on the ‘alleged’ situation of the ‘alleged’ bomber and the ‘alleged’ flight on ‘allegedly’ Christmas Day.  Didn’t work.  The press began feeding on the issue like it was roadkill.  The Dear Leader’s defenders have mounted the counter-attack.

Still marinating in Bush-Derangement-Syndrome, the liberal jackals have decided to compare unlike things making them appear as like.  Josh Gerstein of Politico decided to edit the facts, embroider the situation, and try roasting the president’s political rivals in the charge of hypocrisy, a charge that is laughable considering this administration’s foibles.  He made a valiant, if disingenuous, effort.

“But the similarities between last Friday’s incident and the attempted shoe bombing in 2001 are striking.


This year’s attack came on Christmas. The attempt eight years ago took place on Dec. 22. Obama was on vacation in Hawaii when the suspect, Omar Abdulmutallab, allegedly used plastic explosives in his try to blow up the Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight. Bush was at Camp David when Reid used similar plastic explosives to try to blow up his Paris-to-Miami flight, which diverted to Boston after the incident.”

Spooky.  Richard Reid’s attempt was made at Christmas time and so was Abdulmutallab’s.  Both used PETN to try and explode a plane in mid flight.  Both used articles of clothing to conceal the explosive.  Both failed in their attempts and were stopped by passengers and crew of the flights.  So, it seems they are somewhat similar situations where a president would react similarly, right? 

Wrong.  Reid’s attempt was three months following the 9/11 attacks, attacks we all had not yet digested.  It was during this three month period that we were daily reminded of anthrax being sent through the mail like toxic Christmas fruitcakes.  We invaded Afghanistan to find the perpetrators of the attacks.  We found an American, John Walker Lindh, among the Taliban in that country.  On a weekly basis the crisis that faced us became more and more concrete.  The shoe bomber episode seemed almost surreal and cartoonish.  We were facing strange events that we had never before even dreamed.

Since then reality has set in.  We know these terrorists will stop at nothing to recruit and use human beings as living bombs.  They will attack airplanes, railroads, subways, and every other conveyance we can imagine.  They live among us and around us and are ever poking and prodding for weakness. 

Obama and his minions have the experience of these past eight years to understand our situation.  Bush and his team had three months to figure out what was real, what was happening, and how to deal with it.  The situations are not even slightly similar, except Obama SHOULD have known better and Bush TRIED to know better.  However, that isn’t the realism these people want to consider.

Their Anointed One has shown ?unexpected? incompetence in the face of adversity.  His administration clumsily tries to put our safety on the back burner as they overtly try social and economic experiments on our country.  They are hoping to silence critics of this administration’s dangerous proclivity of believing their own rhetoric.  It won’t work.  We are not so empty-headed as to believe context has no meaning.  If Bush carefully considered a new and strange attack before commenting, it was because we were in a strange new world.  Obama doesn’t have that liability.  He has the shoe bomber’s actions to learn from.  They should try remembering that.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1209/31049.html#ixzz0bINL2vag