Code of Thieves

There is a kind of moral code among human beings, in general, that suggests robbing the infirm and helpless is the lowest form of criminal behavior.  Knocking over little old ladies and stealing candy from children is a taboo, even among criminals, because it is ‘not fair’ to take from those with the least and the most vulnerable.  But, that code has been royally violated with Harry Reid and his dastardly posse in the Senate.  Not only is it noble among his kind to rob old ladies, it is a moral imperative.

We have a contract with the people in this nation regarding their healthcare in their elder years.  We have agreed that if they pay into the system their whole lives, we will insure their healthcare concerns when they have retired.  Millions of people have ordered their economic lives to this end.  It has grown expensive.  So, the Democrats have decided to use this time to take from the most vulnerable in order to fund their programs.  It is as simple as that.

Barack Obama needs a win.  His executive and legislative perogatives have proven to be failures in the public eye.  His foreign affairs agenda is in shambles and growing progressively worse by the day.  The faith of the people in this regime is so shaken as to be a disaster.  His poll numbers, along with the governing majority in both houses, continues to slide toward zero.  Obama needs a ‘W’ in his corner.

So, his lapdogs are giving him a win.  It may be irresponsible.  It may actually take healthcare away from little old ladies.  It may raise taxes on almost everyone.  It may actually increase costs while barely covering any more people.  It shifts a huge burden to the states in a time when they can ill afford it.  But, they consider this to be a win.  That’s right.  This is being touted as a success. 

If a gang of thieves on the southside of Chicago did something this heinous and morally questionable, the neighborhood would be up in arms and socially spurning these reprobates.  However, in our thuggish times, the lame-brained media is cheerleading this as a resounding success. 

My question to you is ‘how low have we fallen’?  Can we get any more banal than this?  I’m afraid of the answer to these questions.