End of the Republic

The Gracchi (Gracchus Brothers), Tiberius and Gaius, moved the Roman Republic the same way Clinton and Obama are moving the republican form of government of the United States.  The Gracchi moved power from the representative body to an executive body thus hampering legislative power and enhancing executive perogative.  This power shift, for the Romans it was land, so castrated the legislative body as to eventually end the Republic.  We are watching Congress hand over the reins of power over people to the president.  The end is near should this dynamic remain. 

Giving the president, and his handpicked advisor in the guise of the HHS Secretary, power over life, health, and ultimately death, is an exercise in social experimentation.  The left believe that such power isn’t important.  No one would ever hold the power of life and death over a political rival, or so they argue.  They don’t understand human nature and human sociology will lead to a dictatorship simply because we haven’t had one yet. 

But that is coming.

Once a power is committed to a branch of government, it will take a complete overhaul to loosen its grip.  The executive branch, regardless of party, will not just hand over the reins of healthcare decisions to either Congress or the judiciary.  Instead, they will use it as a power base to drive their own growing political perogatives.  Congress, like the Roman Senate, will become more and more irrelevant to the political process.  Congress will make noises and call witnesses and demand satisfaction but once the hold over the health of the people is completed, the executive branch can ignore Congress. 

Should Congress threaten to cut funds, the president can call on the people to resist.  Should Congress refuse to consent of officers, the president can tell the people they are standing in the way of their health and life. 

This is a disaster of epic proportions.

The Romans, as the Gracchi argued, that the power over who had land and who didn’t could be wrested from executive control.  Of course, it could not.  The body in charge of the land dispersal could count on an angry mob of its supporters to capitate the legislative process.  The same will hold true of this debacle.  The life and death panel of the HHS secretary will have the same hold over the people.  The executive will never let it go.

We must destroy this idea before it takes root.  It is a weed that once established will take over the political process.  We must limit the power of the executive to enact this healthcare takeover fully.

If not, we will be witnesses to the death of the American Republic, should this legislation become completely empowered.  Once the republic part of the equation falls, our democracy and liberty are not too far behind.  We are historical observers of a sad and unnecessary demise of a political process.  I weep for our legacy.