A battle royale is brewing in Washington that may prove to be truly epic in its scope.  It has been days since the POTUS has blamed someone else for his problems.  He must find a scapegoat.  The collectivist playbook demands a fall guy.  It cannot operate without someone to smear and besmirch.  As a result, the president has found a new straw man for his barbs, his administration.


Now this may sound silly or outlandish but there is very little coming out of this nuthouse that isn’t.  So, we must take a breath, step back, and parse the rhetoric.


Obama said in an interview with Major Garrett, perhaps hoping stupid conservatives wouldn’t notice the irony, that we must get a handle on the out of control fiscal situation.  This, of course, is a situation he himself created.  Up until now the standard talking points of ‘Blame Bush’ has served him well.  However, it is difficult to blame the former president for the spending he himself has proposed and signed.  That is merely a road bump for this man.  He thinks he can hoodwink the nation for a little while longer.  Therefore, I think he is going to blame the TelePrompTer of the United States for this growing debacle.


Think about it.  The TOTUS is a perfect foil.  It cannot speak against the president.  It must simply take the abuse.  When Obama says we need more fiscal discipline, the TOTUS is a great target.  It wasn’t he, the president, who proposed ridiculous spending and unheard of deficits, it was TOTUS.  There are more advantages than may be apparent.


TOTUS could be dressed up like Bush on the ranch.  Obama probably thinks that would divert attention away from his own responsibility, at least for a while.  He can hang a sash around the glass projection screen emblazoned with the letter “W”.  Undoubtedly the morons on the left would buy it.  They are still infected with Bush Derangement Syndrome and would be happy to accept that farce.  Certainly his lap dogs in the press would be loathe to point out the obvious, that it’s just TOTUS dressed in a sash.  They’ve been willing to cart his water up until now, why not for a little longer?


Then, he can enlist Bill and Hillary to spread a rumor about the vast right-wing conspiracy’s use of a wireless device to tap into TOTUS feeding it ruinously expensive programs.  Obama didn’t want all this wasteful spending.  No, it was the right-wing conspiracy that tricked him into signing the stimulus bill (better named the Democratic Party Slush Fund), the pork-laden Omnibus Bill and of course, the corpulent 2010 Budget.  Hillary could tell a story about how she evaded snipers in the Congo to find the hidden antennae used by the vast right-wing conspiracy to transmit the evil spending.  Bill could explain how he found the files in his intern’s cigar box.  Simple.


But, perhaps the most useful way POTUS can persuade the country this fiscal irresponsibility isn’t his fault is to say TOTUS has been in the pay of the evil insurance companies.  They have been against his health care takeover from the beginning, er well from when it began making even less sense than it did from the beginning.  They conspired with Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh to entice the Democrats into spending too much.  They, together with the racist Tea Partiers, fascist Town Hallers, those clinging to their guns and their Bibles, and everyone else who wants a free America have turned the TOTUS against him.  He can hear the black helicopters coming.  The whirling blades are above him, swirling his greatcoat and wrinkling Michelle Antoinette’s dress.  It’s everybody else fault.  They’re all out to get him.  In Michigan and Ohio and Montana and New York . . .   Arrrrrggggggghhh.


Yeah.  Maybe that will work.