What's in a Name?

First it was the government option. Then it became the public option. Soon after they tried to label it the competitive option and that didn’t work. Now we have this.

“Pelosi said that the public plan, which she prefers to call a “consumer option,” would compete with private insurers.” New York Times October 29, 2009

Well, isn’t that nice. If this doesn’t work to jamb the bill down our throats, I have a few more suggestions that may sugarcoat this bitter little jagged pill.

Perhaps it could be called the ‘apple pie and baseball’ option. Or, maybe it could be the ‘amber waves of grain’ option. We could call it the ‘God and Country’ option or the ‘Whiskers on Kittens’ option. As long as we are making up ridiculous names for this boondoggle, let’s think of more appropriate ones.

‘Grandma Got Run Over by Cutting Medicare’ Option
‘Free to Illegal Aliens but not to Me’ Option
‘Tax-Me, Tax-Me’ Option
‘Sex Ed but No Pacemakers’ Option
or even,
‘Screw Healthcare, Let’s have Socialism’ Option. After all, we know if we all just get along, the world will heal itself.