I Hope They Listen to Him

Memo to Democrats: Please, oh please listen to and heed E.J. Dionne’s advice from a commentary written for the Washington Compost. In “How to win an election, post-Obama,” Dionne lays out his own warped, convoluted way for Democrats to keep winning. It is so laughable and ignorant that with any luck the left will embrace his strategy to the nth power.

Memo to Republicans: Begin making the arguments. Dionne doesn’t want a discussion on the issues. He wants you to concede all points, try and play the collectivist game, and lose election after election because you do not reflect the values or ideas of your own side.

Let’s hope the Democrats listen to him and the Republicans ignore him.

Dionne believes that embracing Obama’s radicalism and taking to even further is the winning strategy for Democrats. He admits, like it or lump it, Obama is the defining element of their party. His agenda is their agenda. For a Democrat to display independence from this ideal is madness. They must take the party line, push it, and they will win. Obama is their present and future.

In fact, I would hope the Democratic Party would take it a step further. Embrace Pelosi and Reid. Please, oh please bring them to your districts and parade them around for all to see. Connect yourself with the far left agenda. Call Pelosi your captain, Reid your commander, Obama your sovereign. That would be great because these three are about the most incompetent, disingenuous imposters in the history of the country.

Embrace the policies of these people. Rave about the stimulus and the 25 jobs it has saved or created. Talk about how the deficits and debt are good for America. Dither on foreign affairs and encourage bowing to dictators and talking with mad men. Keep up attacks and smears on the American populace. Try marginalizing over half the country. Please, oh please keep doing what you’re doing.

However, you Democrats who know better should think about the consequences. These policies, programs, spending, and strategies will not work. What’s more, you know they won’t. You are lapping at the feet of the mentally deranged. If you want to succeed and for the country to succeed, you may want to think about Dionne’s track record for predictions and be skeptical.

Dionne predicted that America was entering into a new age of broad consensus and cordiality. Republicans, if they wanted any relevance whatsoever, would have to come to the table and grovel for the scraps. Democrats would have an easy time of it. A mere nine months ago that analysis was sopped up like gravy with the Republican establishment. Most of the Ed Rollins, David Gergens, David Frums, and Michael Gersons of the world predicted just such a scenario. But, dedicated Republicans and independents were not so sure. The broad consensus supposedly created by this ‘historic’ (actually histrionic) election was a mile wide and an inch deep. The stimulus was the first test.
Principled House and Senate members of the GOP recognized this boondoggle of out-of-control spending was voter poison. They resisted and the people responded. Tea parties, raucous townhall meetings, and millions of emails and letters, phone calls and visitations later, the Democrats are on the wrong side of history. Dionne was wrong, dead wrong.

Republicans must learn that kowtowing to these disastrous programs and schemes will not improve the country, bring consensus, or win elections. They must make the case that more governmental control is not the answer. They must stand up and fight. We already are. We, the public, are infuriated at the power grab and corruption being revealed daily in a press that tries to hide it. Even among Democrats, for the polls are excluding a big percentage of Republicans and more importantly independents, this irresponsible behavior is unpopular. While the Democratic Party is firmly behind the president as a person, they are nervous and questioning of his policies.

But, we must give Mr. Dionne his due. He proposes a country which knuckles under this radical agenda, accepts it without hesitation. Let the Democrats heed his advice. The rest of us know better. Let Dionne lead them down the garden path and into the briar patch.