Growing Plutocracy

The common collectivist narrative contains an important element to make it work. The Democratic Party relies on a pedestrian belief that business and the worker are at odds in the political landscape. Big, mean businesses are miserly Republicans and generous, good-hearted labor interests are benevolent Democrats. That is why the Democratic Party is so thrilled with the cash coming from so many rich plutocrats. That means even rich, powerful businessmen are turning their backs on capitalism. They have seen the proverbial light and now want to turn our economy into a socialized, centrally controlled, profitless entity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Capitalism is based on the holder of the capital being in control of the means of production. That is all. There is no component of capitalism that demands free markets, open competition, or fairness. Now, capitalism works best when it is open, free, and transparent. Those are the checks and balances that make a market work efficiently.

Socialism requires that the means of production be held and controlled by the society as directed, supposedly, by the working class. The government is the usual agent for the working class to do this, at least in theory. In practice, it is a political oligarchy that runs the means of production. This oligarchy can be technocrats who know what they are doing or any other group that is supposedly informed. However, it is a closed system of control that relies on political maneuvering and political will.

Soros believes deeply in capitalism as it pertains to him. What he wants is a mixed economy like that in Europe. He wants capital to control the means of production and for the political arm of a society to direct the market in his direction. Therefore, he and his fellow travelers can fleece the public at will. Without competition and conflict, he can control costs, control prices, and milk the public to his own benefit. Now, to do this he needs a political party to direct the market in his direction and shield him from rivals.

That is why he bought the Democratic Party. They are suckers for this kind of thing because they don’t really understand market forces, or macroeconomics, or economic gamesmanship. They are so excited to have a deep pocket on their side they cannot do enough water-carrying for him.

Think of the benefits to Soros to his business. He can offload his healthcare benefits to the government. He can eliminate his competition through exclusive government contracts. He can control the market through regulation of his competitors while skating around them. It is a win-win for the big guy. In the mean time, the Democratic Party has simply become pawns in his international economic scheme. They, for a few million, are nothing more than an investment of Soros. He spent all that money for a return. As a good capitalist, that money invested better turn a profit or he’ll begin turning off the spigot. The party is so reliant upon him they will be forced to do his bidding. Without him, they are lost.

The real nugget Soros wants passed is crap and tax. That is the worldwide gem that will enable him to make billions more by controlling carbon dioxide and therefore all production and usage. Since everything economic turns on the expense and use of energy, he will be in a position to fleece the public internationally. With the United States easily the largest player, he will have a platform to control the ebb and flow of all economic development.

But, we are a dangerous foe to him. The American public isn’t as compliant as the hapless Democrats. We are resisting this centralized authority that will control the market. We believe in freedom and liberty, both social and economic. We recognize the most important defenses we have are economic independence. Centralized control necessarily extinguishes that kind of independence of action. By its very nature, it demands the market open to free, autonomous actors must be destroyed.

Mixed economies expose the worst of both worlds. Preferred capitalism, which benefits certain people to the detriment of others, is not democratic and free. It is the favoritism supported by Soros. For the Democratic Party to enable this economic fascism is inherently destructive. It also poisons the entire partisan group. It doesn’t favor the best economic forces but the best connected. Our efficiency and effectiveness will decrease while Soros bank account fills with our money.

Down with the plutocrats.