Election Themes

Campaign movements need themes. In the most recent election, the Democrats ran against Bush, capitalism, and the rich. They were able to characterize McCain, and the rest of the GOP, as being out-of-touch, barely believable, and downright mean. With the next federal election year around the corner, we need to have a couple of themes of our own. These should be honest, unlike the character assassinations and misrepresentations of the Democrats. I think we need to talk about what the country faces.

On the surface, we need to talk about the fiscal and monetary craziness. Everyone who isn’t a downright socialist, is furious about the deficits and the mounting debt. No one seriously considers leaving the status quo as it presently is. The enormous burden being pressed upon this economy and society is ridiculous. That is the winning theme on the surface. But, it is not enough.

The underlying theme, which last year was ‘Blame Bush’ was effective because it became so overwhelmingly accepted, we didn’t and couldn’t argue against it effectively. We must adopt a similar theme, but one that isn’t denigrating, simply true.

The most unpopular two characters in this nation are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. We need to remind people that a vote for a Democrat, regardless of stripe, is a vote for these two. They’ve developed their arrogant, bullying, dissembling persona all by themselves. No one had to say a word condemning or blaming either of these people and the polls have them in the approval basement. The only reason these people have power is because their are so many Democrats, it allows them to run the Congress unchecked.

It’s a simple idea, sure. But I think it is an effect way to closely tie the candidates in each state and district to the most reviled people in America. It will work much better than tying them to Obama for the simple reason he is still liked. These two have so debased themselves, it requires no effort.

Just a thought.