Other Evidence of Bias

It can be suggested that a United States president, who hadn’t been in office for two weeks yet, may not have earned a Nobel Peace Prize. However, that fact, in and of itself, cannot prove the bias of the Nobel committee. Other evidence is needed. When you survey the other award winners, a pattern emerges.

Nobel Prize for Physics – Steven Chu for suggesting we paint all manmade surfaces white to stave off global warming.
Nobel Prize for Chemistry – Carol Browner who gave automakers ‘a deal they couldn’t refuse’ about car emissions convincing them that to keep their kneecaps they’d better accept respiration as pollution.
Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology – John Holdren for creating a plan to stem population growth through forced sterilization.
Nobel Prize for Economics – Tim ‘The Artful Tax Dodger’ Geithner for making money appear out of thin air.
Nobel Prize for Literature – The TelePrompTer of the United States for presenting some of the greatest fiction ever created in history.

One becomes a little suspicious after looking at the other winners. Maybe Daley’s suitcase got lost and ended up in Stockholm instead. Barack Hussein Obama, Mmm, Mmm, Mmmm.