Defund Them All

Democratic Representative Betty McCollum of Minnesota’s 4th Congressional district thinks she’s clever. She has proposed a bill she has named “ACORN”, the Against Corporations Organizing to Rip-off the Nation Act. It is intended as a clumsy foil against the defunding of the community organizing group ACORN. The bill, in particular, targets Pfizer Corporation which has contributed to Michele Bachmann’s campaign in the past. McCollum is hoping to ‘one-up’ Bachmann’s attempt to clean up corrupt organizations and in the process stymie Republican contributors.

However, McCollum may have opened up a can of worms with her proposal. Bachmann spokesperson Debbee Keller said, We’re pleased to see that Congresswoman McCollum who has voted at least twice this year to protect ACORN’s access to taxpayer funds, has a newfound interest in protecting taxpayers.” Of course, Regressive Democrat that she is, McCollum wouldn’t dream of actually cutting off funding to anyone who could possibly contribute to a liberal cause or candidate. But, her idea is worth consideration.

Perhaps any incorporated body that gets government funding should be shown the door and cut off from public money. By any incorporated body, we should include all unions, non-profits, foundations, and advocacy groups. We should especially defund any organization that gets funding but does not provide consideration first. For example, Pfizer gets public money but provides consideration, drugs, for people. Grant groups should be first to get their funding suspended since they provide no consideration to people. They only provide politicking and words.

McCollum’s bill also doesn’t go far enough. If we defund the organizations with a record, we should vigorously pursue those not convicted but with accusations hanging over their heads. McCollum’s next bill should be a supplemental bill that provides increased funding for auditing and examining the books of all these organizations. We should root out the pathways of these public funds and find out whether they are doing what they are supposed to. That would make sure funds are not being provided to enterpises that are skirting the law.

McCollum and her Regressive allies dare not shine the bright light of openness and transparency on these organizations. They are rife with corruption and money laundering. Her attempt to score points on Bachmann is glaring and blatant. But, the kernel of the idea isn’t so bad. We should not provide public funds to criminal organizations. However, it is her own political allies that should look out. We want strict accountability of our money. Right now, it is just a giant slush fund for the left. That has got to stop.