Untangling the Net

I’ve been exploring ‘socially conscious’ websites and looking into their funding and outlays. After reading ‘Culture of Corruption’ by Michele Malkin, I’m becoming more and more convinced there is widespread financial robbery going on right under our noses. These ‘foundations’ are very, very well financed. So well financed, there is no way they are surviving on corporate giving, private donations, and George Soros. It’s just too much.

Therefore, I’m starting a new series where I deeply look at the Tides Foundation, ACORN’s sugar daddy, and seeing what guidance they are giving to these ‘progressive’ groups. There is serious skullduggery afoot and I intend to root it out. I postulate that governmental organizations are giving grants to ‘legitimate’ organizations. Those grants are in turn being broken up and sent to smaller foundations. Those foundations, in turn, ‘launder’ that grant money and send it to these ‘advocacy’ groups under the ruse they are ‘educating the public’. What these ‘advocacy’ groups are actually doing is funneling money to other liberal groups.

The Tides Foundation has a whole plan on how to create this web of deceit. Hopefully, as I explore, I’ll be able to find the threads that connect and tie these radical organizations to political groups. I think, in essence, we are publically funding our own opposition.

Wish me luck.