In Honor of Barack and Michelle's Sacrifice . . .

We will soon be deluged with excuses that tie Obama’s embarrassing blunder in Denmark to George W. Bush. That is inevitable. But, in honor of the supreme sacrifice of the Obamas and Oprah Winfrey for flying over to take credit for other people’s efforts, I’ve composed a little Top Ten List of the REAL reasons Chicago lost its bid for the Olympics on the first vote. I’m doing the Top Ten List because poor Pervy Lecherman has been framed and needs all the support hose we can give him. So, here it is.

Top Ten Reasons Chicago Lost its Bid for the 2016 Olympic Games

10. When he got kicked out of office, Rod Blagojevich took the map of where all the bodies were buried.

9. Mayor Daley grabbed the briefcase with only the stacks of hundreds instead of the stacks of thousands.

8. Michelle ‘Antoinette’ Obama wore a more expensive outfit than any of the women on the Olympic panel.

7. The TelePrompTer of the United States had loaded the wrong speech for Obama.

6. Oprah cheaped out on the gift bags for the committee members.

5. Rahm Emmanuel’s fishmonger ran out of stock.

4. David Axelrod’s astro-turfing company is too busy with the healthcare takeover.

3. Obama was so distracted by his prospective meeting with McChrystal, he botched the mood.

2. Joe Biden had sent a picture of his Brazilian Landing Strip and it made the wrong impression.

And the number one reason Chicago didn’t get the 2016 Olympics –

1. It’s obvious the African members of the committee are racist.