Where's the Coverage?

As violent, vicious, screaming anarchists and communists riot in the streets of Pittsburgh, CBS Morning Show seems to be about the only network with video footage.  The sympathetic socialist reporter speaks about the protestors as if they were sane, rational individuals bent on a reasonable request.  Reports are coming out of Pittsburgh that there is a great deal of property damage and irresponsible behavior.  Yet, the Democratic-run media refuses to report these morons. 

Hannity had a couple of these idiots on last night.  They channeled their vitriol and stupidity quite well.  They inadvertantly explained how they are organizing these protests.  Both refused to condemn such violent behavior as throwing rocks at police and breaking windows.  In fact, one of them admitted it was just a way of them getting attention for their radical views.  On Thursday, the most violent day, they have their cohorts behave irrationally to capture our attention.  Then, the next day they march and fraudulently claim they are peaceful. 

Both displayed political naivete so transparent it was painful.  When Sean confronted them on their hatred of the wealthy, they were shocked anyone would speak so bluntly to them.  One of the two raged about how people could make so much money and how it was unfair and wrong.  Hannity said, ‘it’s none of your business how much someone else makes.’  They looked like deer in headlights. 

But, the press wants to deep six these protestors because illuminating their blatant stupidity would wound their own cause.  Socialization of our economy, which is the stated purpose of the protestors, is being done sub rosa by our government.  The media seems to fear exposure of these aims will become even more apparent should the protestors suffered a voice. 

Gives even more meaning to the idea of sterilization by sunlight.  Exposing their nonsense to open discussion and exchange will open up questions about the Democratic agenda.  If people actually look at the expressed aims of the protestors and the concealed actions of the present regime, they’ll see they are identical.  This Fabian socialist agenda must be hidden for a little while longer.  Then, once it’s gone far enough, they can openly speak of it.