Caught Flatfooted

Let’s take the socialist Kumbahist at their word.  Let’s pretend, for a moment, the apologists at the New Obama Times and the Washington Compost have the story right.  The Obama administration knew the Iranians were building a secret nuclear reactor, the object of this reactor was to build nuclear weaponry, and the Obama administration’s policy of ‘engagement’ was in full play.  Let’s presume they knew what they were doing and the president was playing an international game of chess with the Iranians.  If we put this knowledge into the context the writers are suggesting, the president is a master at the game.  If we think an actual reality-based timeline, Obama is a moron.


David E. Sanger and William J. Broad of the New Obama Times, in a piece entitled “Obama: Iran had secret nuke site,” report “Obama said he had withheld making the intelligence public for months because it ‘is very important in these kind of high-stakes situations to make sure the intelligence is right.”  In essence, the president is asserting he knew about the facility when his presidency was very new, at the beginning.  He didn’t say anything about it because he wanted to make sure the intelligence community was proof-positive the facility actually existed.  We can presume, from the president’s own words, the actions engaged in by this administration reflected that caution.  While building a case concerning the Iranian facility, he was acting to counter this threat to Israel and the Middle East.  To have such insight and not prepare for its eventuality would be utterly ridiculous.  Here’s what they have done.


In the past few months, during which time the Obama administration knew about the facility, the Iranians had an election.  It certainly wasn’t a democratic election since the mullahs chose those who could run and who could not, but it was an election.  That election, of the preselected candidates, was marred by inconsistencies and problems.  The Iranian people stood up and demonstrated in the streets against the outcome and process.  Even while knowing about the nuclear facility’s possibility, Obama’s teleprompter gave a speech in which it said the United States wouldn’t ‘meddle’ in other countries’ election processes.  It refused to condemn the Iranian establishment when it cracked down on the dissidents by rounding up and killing them.  He did this presumably for reasons of being able to ‘engage’ them in talks.  So, he knew they were possibly building nuclear armament capabilities but was willing to let them gun down their opponents but believed they’d act rationally and responsibly.  Strike one.


Obama’s theory of Kumbaya international policy is euphemistically called ‘engagment.’  This is a theory that involves making the ‘bad actor’ a part of the discussions where the other parties will shame the offender into acting properly.  The socialists and pacifists in this internationalist theory believe if we all just sit down and talk and respect one another, the renegades will appreciate the gesture so much they won’t misbehave any more.  The more groups you can get to be on the side of ‘good’ the more pressure there will be on the ‘bad guys.’  In other words, we can presume the ‘smart’ policymakers in the Obama administration were planning for this eventuality all along.  They were getting more and more countries ready to ‘engage’ the Iranians.  So, the Obama administration’s actions in the past few months should have more players at the table.


Obama unilaterally took land-based defensive missiles in Eastern Europe off the table.  It so angered the Poles, their president refused to speak with Secretary of Nagging Clinton.  He demanded to speak personally with Obama as head of state.  The Russians were thrilled they wouldn’t be encumbered with missiles that could impede their domination of the region.  They had words of praise for this administration’s actions.  Obama made a friend, right?


Glenn Kessler, of the Washington Compost, wrote, “Now the question is whether Russia – which has long had close ties with Iran – will be prepared to take even tougher action if Tehran resists full disclosure, such as canceling fuel shipments to the Bushehr reactor, which Moscow constructed.”  In reality, will the former Soviets stop sending nuclear materials to a facility they built.  Will the discovery of a second facility, which they may or may have not known about, stop their support of Iran?  Obama cashed in his chips and is now begging the Russians to step up to his fantasy of engagement.  Will that happen?  Is the recognition of the second facility enough to change Moscow’s view of Iran after they built them a first nuclear plant?  Please.  This is too laughable to even consider.  And so we come to the revelation of this second facility at Qom. 


Obama spoke to the United Nations this week and even chaired the Security Council, a first for an American president.  During this time, his aides worked feverishly on the Iranian problem.  Questions such as when and where to reveal this development floated and bobbed throughout the week.  We are enlightened to this developing story by a story by Helene Copper and Mark Mazzetti of the New Obama Times.  “How Obama went public with secret intelligenc,” is the seductive name of the piece.  It suggests the Obama administration knew exactly what it was doing and why it chose its course of behavior. 


The Iranians learned of the West’s intelligence and preemptively sent a terse letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency admitting to the facility.  This confirmed the administration’s suspicions.  The Iranian facility was a real-life example of that country’s perfidy.  The Iranian’s claimed it was just a power plant and not a complex for developing and fueling nuclear weapons.  The West knew better. 


“European officials urged speed, saying that Obama should accuse Iran of developing the secret facility first thing Thursday morning, when he chaired the Security Council leaders meeting for the first time.  It would have been a dramatic and confrontational moment.”  However, the Obama administration wanted to wait.  Like Neville Chamberlain, they only wanted to meet and discuss and persuade the Holocaust denier of their lies in a private forum.  Engagement doesn’t work if it is public and open.  Engagement is based on developing a warm and fuzzy feeling of belonging.  The group has power based on peer-pressure and isolating or confronting the Iranians wouldn’t achieve that goal.  Obama wanted to highlight his fantasy of a nuclear-free world.  He didn’t want to be distracted by Iranian misconduct.  It was his moment in the spotlight, once again.  The American waffled and the Iranians walked. 


We now have a situation where the Iranians have facilities.  The world knows about it.  The United States has balked at the chance to do something about it.  The West, like the Cheese, stands alone.  Russia and China are giggling behind our backs.  We are confronted with an enraged Israel and a defiant Iran.  The whole world knows this president is a cream puff.  Finally, there is little we can do except go to the negotiating table with our hands tied behind our back next week. 


They played us like a fiddle.  We were caught flat-footed and we know it.  Now, the Democratic Party-run press tries to hide the real story.  This is pathetic.