War on Capitalism - Child/Forced Labor

We know these socialists in the White House have it in for all business.  They simply despise and writhe at the idea of profits, private property, and free labor markets.  I’ve decided to highlight the ludicrous things they are saying in a flawed attempt to paint capitalism as evil.  My first segment is child labor and ‘forced’ labor.

From Change.org

The report tops out at a daunting 194 pages, and can be read in it’s entirety here. But let’s face it —  no one wants to read 194 page government report, no matter how useful it may be. So here are some of the highlights I’ve found in my initial read-through:

  • The most common goods which have significant incidence of forced and/or child labor are cotton, sugarcane, tobacco, coffee, rice, and cocoa in agriculture; bricks, garments, carpets, and footwear in manufacturing; and gold and coal in mined or quarried goods. 
  • 122 goods in 58 countries are produced with a significant incidence of forced labor, child labor, or both. 


  • More goods were found to be made with child labor than forced labor.

There is very little evidence within the report itself what constitutes ‘child’ labor.  Simply having a child help at your farm or business seems to be products made with ‘child’ labor.  Being a farm kid myself, I remember helping out at the farm.  I have friends who also helped at their family’s small business.  There was little evidence most of these claims are children working in ‘factories’.  Instead, it is a ham-handed report with little coherent definition and mostly conjecture to make socialists feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

This is the list of goods theoretically produced by child labor and/or forced labor.  Once again, they put a little caveat regarding the claims saying not all or even most of these goods are produced by children or forced labor, simply that some of them may have been made.  In essence, it is a report about an alleged, possible, idea that may or may not be occurring. 

  • Bolivia: nuts, cattle, corn, and sugar 
  • Burma: bamboo, beans, bricks, jade, nuts, rice rubber, rubies, sesame, shrimp, sugarcane, sunflowers, and teak 


  • China: artificial flowers, bricks, Christmas decorations, coal, cotton, electronics, garments, footwear, fireworks, nails, and toys 


  • India: bricks, carpets, cottonseed, textiles, and garments 


  • Nepal: bricks, carpets, textiles, and stones 


  • North Korea: bricks, cement, coal, gold, iron, and textiles 


  • Pakistan: bricks, carpet, coal, cotton, sugar, and wheat
  • Of course, I’m sure the call will be for the One-Worlders at the UN to ‘observe’ these countries.  Further, they will call for organized labor to step in and ‘free’ these people.  Perpetuating these frauds upon the West in not enough, now we must spread these conjectures, half-truths, and wild allegations world-wide.