Profound Distrust

Tucker Carlson, on Fox News, hosted a special about textbook companies and writers.  Since I am an unemployed social studies teacher, it is a subject that really interests me.  The thrust of his piece was the liberal bias affecting the production of textbooks that introduce history, English, literature, and the other social sciences to children.  Words are chosen carefully, almost too carefully in textbooks.  Censorship of the language is cultivated by these companies.  He was unable to persuade any of the three biggest textbook companies to answer his questions about these boards.  He was also stonewalled when it came to speaking with any persons on the censorship committees that carefully cull these books of any suppose bias or stereotyping. 

His piece spoke volumes to me about the books I saw used in schools when I was student teaching.  They are bereft of any facts, stripped of any action, and thoroughly false in some of their presentations.  The accompanying materials that are supposed to aid teachers are even worse.  The worksheet, practice notes, and lecture notes that should buttress learning are vapid and bland.  As an avid history buff, I fell asleep reading some of these materials.  But, there is one thing that is even worse about this situation.  They are receiving a wildly divergent sense of the American past from that of their older relatives and neighbors.

This leads to a questioning by parents as to the content of the public school system.  Native Americans are not the warriors history tells us but instead the bland, nature-embracing, free spirits the revisionists would have us believe.  Europeans didn’t discover the Western Hemisphere but invaded and exploited it.  The Pilgrims were not brave souls yearning for a better life but heartless thieves and plunderers who stole the land and corn of the native peoples.  Slavery is not an unfortunate and sad past occurrence but an extension of capitalism and a present-day problem.  These deliberate misconceptions are creating a yawning divide among our citizens.  Parents are starting to fight back.

When the Obama administration decided the president would address students on the first day of this school year, they thought it was just a simple, clear message of encouragement for children.  They also thought they could slip a little indoctrination into curriculum without anyone noticing.  The highly offensive question, ‘what can I do for Obama’ is considered benign among the collectivist elites.  The formerly mainstream media was already censoring the administration’s message and controlling dissent as well as it could.  They believe, deeply, that we all must become part of the collective socialist agenda and politely ask for our due.  Why should anyone be offended by helping the president?

Parents and conservative commentators were the first to realize the administration’s intent.  They also realized this was another step in the direction of propagandizing their children and our future.  They quickly identified that it is intrinsically against our political system to idolize a person.  It is the office that should be honored and not the office holder.  Once again, they saw the insidious hand of the collectivists at work trying to indoctrinate and re-create our political system into something foreign and ugly. 

So, the profound distrust that exists concerning the school system and its political manipulation of our children has now extended to our administration.  The general population, tired of the elitist arguments of the teacher’s union and education officials, revolted.  This profound distrust is now in the open.  We should all explore what impact these actions by the public schools with our children will have.  There are deep and abiding problems with divisions between generations should a middle ground not be considered. 

Once again, the left has brought this upon themselves.  Had they not overreached, we would not be having this discussion.  I thank the ham-handed, stupidity of the Obama administration and the socialist leaning Education Department for raising this topic.  It is one that screams for discussion, compromise, and real honesty on both sides.  We should not decide what we teach our children in a secret Star Chamber.  Open up the room and let us come in and speak.

Thank God for America