No Dictator Left Behind

On the foreign policy front, Abu Hussein’s administration has dispatched the Mideast envoy to make contact with the Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad. Fearing that autocrat would feel left out of unconditional talks with sponsors of terror, the Obama administration announced all parties are welcome to bomb to their hearts content as long as they promised to like Obama personally. Terrorist groups across the Middle East are actively engaging in routine exchanges of protocol in order to allow free and unfettered access to terrorist targets. It is feared by the administration that liberal pro-Western democracies like Lebanon are beginning to gain a foothold in the region. Abu Hussein is making sure these greedy democrats are marginalized and kept in their place.

Also in the Near East, Iran continues to imprison, beat, torture (real torture, not that metrosexual waterboarding torture), and violate its citizenry. Abu Hussein continues engagement with the theocrats hoping they aren’t tumbled from power in a velvet revolution. The administration seems to be far more comfortable with the oligarchs in power than any democratically chosen government that could liberate the country.

In other foreign policy moves, it appears the Obama administration is providing camping gear and mosquito netting for the prospective dictator of Honduras, Mel Zelaya. It is apparent the administration wants to facilitate the socialist autocratic takeover of that impoverished country as well. The dangers of the rule of law are plaguing the Honduran government and Obama’s people are closely monitoring.

In continuing news, Secretary of Nagging, Hillary Clinton continues to chase around the globe looking for some kind of relevance. Most everywhere she finds a foreign policy dilemma; President Obama appoints another envoy making her job pointless. After trying to contact the North Koreans through the Greta Van Sustern show, Clinton looks to other commentary shows for a conduit to the communist leaders. Being her influence in the administration is negligible, no other talk shows have invited her as of yet. Never a quitter, Clinton continues to look for a reason for her position. None seems to be forthcoming.