Health Care Envy

I swear, liberals, especially those who pretend to be progressives, are more obsessed with the size of the health care benefits than they are with what is needed. Listening to Hannity this afternoon, I was struck by a Dem caller who said we need to have ‘equal’ health care benefits. Huh? These people have such a bad case of class envy, it drives every single atom of their existence. Who cares what plan people have? I don’t need the best health care plan, I just need the care I need.

They are so worried someone else will have a better plan than they do. They whine about how ‘unfair’ it is that some people have a better health care plan than others do. Frankly, I hope I never need health care. I hope when I’m eighty something I fall over dead never having darkened a hospital door. I hope I never need a good plan. I’m certainly not concerned about someone else’s plan, only my own.

What a bunch of ado about nothing.