In his Saturday, July 11th radio address, The Great Prevaricator attempted to rewrite history and redefine the terms of his economic stimulus package. In spite of the fact the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act was a law neither intended nor suited toward any kind of serious economic recovery, Barry remained steadfast the patronage would bring about the secondary aim of invigorating the national economy. In a stance that would gradually allow exit from this non-strategy, the president is preparing the way for another non-stimulus package that would again not stimulate the economy and would further obligate and bankrupt this nation. Both this president and his party are either mind-numbingly stupid or plain, garden-variety thieves is not readily apparent. They have embarked on an enterprise so wrought with peril as to make the distinction unimportant. In this one case, the intent is neither relevant nor necessary for indictment.

Early in 2009, the new administration argued at length and in great specificity the importance of a stimulus package that must be enormous and immediate. Both, their agents argued, are incredibly important to the general welfare of this nation’s economic situation. Keep in mind, both the immediacy and the enormity of the package were important. Without these things, they so empty-headedly opined, the economy of the United States would descend into a ‘lost decade’ such as the one the Japanese economy experienced during the 1990’s. That was the foil to their lance. The problem with the economy of Japan had been two-fold. The meddling of the Japanese government in the economy had not been large enough nor quick enough to engage the economy and drag it out of its doldrums.

In case there was anyone out there stupid enough to question their historical and theoretical fabrications, they mounted the canard of the Great Depression as a kind of ‘props’ to assuage doubt. Not passing this gargantuan side of pork would be practically treasonous and imperil the American economy to a decade of turmoil and shrinkage. With an incredible approval rating and a hefty margin in the House of Representatives and Senate, the Democrats rammed through this larded piece of legislation that offered no stimulus and sopped up any potential growth in the ambient economy. We were all assured the best and the brightest had signed on to this pseudo-Keynesian compost heap so we should just trust them to do their level best.

However, this was still never a real, authentic stimulus package. It was a gigantic payoff to the usual suspects in the Democratic Party. It is a buttress for unions, liberal think-tanks, non-profits, side projects, larcenous local officials, with a soupcon of stimulus in the form of seven dollars a day in tax give-aways for average Americans. Once again, it is not in any shape or form a stimulus package, though of course labeled that way. This was a big box of chocolates to the Democratic Party’s useful idiots and nothing more.

Not surprisingly, it isn’t working. Why would we be shocked the stimulus plan for the Democratic Party isn’t a stimulus plan for the nation’s economy? We shouldn’t be. Yet, many in state-run media are acting as though they are thoroughly perplexed as to the plan’s shortfalls. The obvious answer is they were as Koolaid drinking as the general public. They honestly believed the Great Prevaricator and his vassals Fancy Pelosi and Sheriff Harry Reid would do the right thing for America. Nothing could be farther from the truth. These people do not care about the American economy any more than they care about the American state. They only care about their own power.

It is only now, when their power is being questioned, that they are beginning to scramble and excuse their actions. The camp followers at the New York Times and the Washington Post are busy now trying to obscure these idiots’ programs. The Great Prevaricator is pleading for patience with his policy, a policy which is tantamount to The Great Train Robbery. Give it time, is the current argument. They are hoping the economy will recover on its own, which it would have, had not they stolen so much so quickly. Their ideas are predicated on economic principles the fly in the face of reality.

The economy is not recovering because of the actions they are taking. Their ridiculous plan of putting a gun in the face of the productive sector and scaring them into producing is absurd. Why would any investor put money into an economy that is in the process of being mugged? Why would a victim of burglary show the bad actor where the gems are being stored? Why would a business hire workers it knows it will never be able to afford? Why would a banker lend money it may never see again? Why would a citizen engage in productive activity he or she knows will create a liability?

Cap-and-Trade will generate nothing but economic costs. Health care reform, as envisioned by these socialists, will generate nothing but rationing. Employee Free Choice Act will generate nothing but increased costs and stagnating productivity. Financial regulation will generate nothing but diminishing returns. Economic protectionism will dry up markets. Kumbaya diplomacy will allow international disorder. Enormous deficits and mounting debt will destroy the worth of the dollar. Printing money will deplete American capital.

It is no small wonder this economy is in decline and will continue to decline until these morons are neutralized. Every single economic and foreign initiative they’ve proposed is an economic nightmare. We will not see a substantial or sustained economic recovery until they realize the truth. We may have mild, neutered fits and starts, but no prolonged growth can occur at end of a political and economic gun. Patience will not fix this economy. Only political reversals will fix it. Until then, we will all be waiting patiently for the American polity to realize its folly.