Adult Supervision

It is unfortunate that the DFL has decided to install another wildly profligate spender in Congress in the form of Al Franken. The national Democratic Party has become so out of control on spending, we are immersing ourselves in an economic quagmire from which we may not be able to emerge. This orgy of radical spending is creating such an enormous debt and spending liability we can no longer afford to pretend it will be okay. Having a federal budget that approaches such a huge portion of the gross domestic product will stall any attempts at economic recovery or future economic growth. It is now time to grow up and become adults. We have been able to make believe for a time that these ever-expanding programs will not lay waste to our economic engine. They will. It is time to give up the play-time and return to reality. We must have adult supervision in Washington, St. Paul, and at the local level. We need to stop the children playing house.

Amy Klobuchar is now Minnesota’s senior senator. But, instead of acting on our behalf being fiscally responsible, she is going along with the out of control spending being thrust upon us on a daily basis. She’s a very nice person. She probably is a very able senator who operates with reasonable tact and aplomb. However, we cannot afford her. She has consistently and regularly voted for monkey bars and swing sets. We need to put away these childish things. She doesn’t stand for economic responsibility. She will not say ‘no’ to the president or to her caucus. We need a real, responsible adult to represent us in the Senate. Klobuchar has just been playing ‘follow the leader’ with the Democratic Party.

She voted for the stimulus program which wasn’t a stimulus program after all. She voted for the earmark-laden Omnibus Bill, which belied the president’s vow to veto earmarks. She voted for the enormous 2009 budget which has almost 2 trillion in deficits. There is nary a spending bill she doesn’t support. Klobuchar is proving the claim by Republicans that Democrats cannot stop spending. They are so busy with the spending they cannot even pause to read the bills they vote for. The Democratic Party has proven in the past few months they are unworthy of our support merely because they cannot stop their reflexive spending practices.

It doesn’t even matter any longer what she, or her opponents, may believe on any other issue. They’ve run up the tab so greatly, we cannot afford her reelection. Any one who argues she is a fiscally responsible Democrat cannot do so with a straight face. The numbers are so great and ponderous that her addiction to fiscal budget-busting is blatantly obvious. Klobuchar is a clear example of a person who, though nice enough, cannot be trusted with the nation’s purse-strings.

Next year’s budget has a 2 trillion dollar deficit built into it. That is almost 15% of our entire GDP. It is unsustainable. It is immature and short-sighted. Our entire gross domestic product is only 14 trillion. For the federal government to take over that amount of our productivity will mean that much less for the rest of us to live on. We have become a beggar nation because of Klobuchar and her inability to say ‘no’. We have gotten to the point our Secretary of State is no longer working with other nations toward shared goals and ideals. She is instead dispatched to Russia and China to plead, hat in hand, for them to buy our debt. That is truly crazy.

This administration and this Congress have become rogue spenders who have no self control. We need to elect someone who will actually stand up and say ‘no’ to these spendthrifts. Amy Klobuchar may reflect some of our values and beliefs, but she is not reflecting our most necessary one. She is not proving to be a fiscally responsible purveyor of the collective purse. We will soon have even bigger fish to fry down the road. Medicare is bankrupt. Social Security will soon be the same. Our entire nation’s financial house is in disarray and still, she votes for dog parks and wishing wells. Let’s remember this next year. We need a responsible person in Congress. We need someone in the Senate who says ‘no’ to unnecessary programs. We need to send an adult to Washington. Klobuchar is clearly not that adult.