War on the Economy

Obama’s ‘War on the Economy’ continues to run unapologetically. Afraid that ‘mean, rich people’ will ‘rob’ the ‘oppressed workers’ of the world, this administration is engaged in a campaign to destroy the free market economy of the United States. Regardless of the fact that all economies are market economies, the Great Prevaricator and his collectivists friends are doing all they can to stunt growth, redistribute income, and create a utopia that is comparable to such edens as Cuba, the former Soviet Union, and Cambodia. It isn’t easy as the people of the United States are both free and resourceful. However, he and his staff are busy do-gooders up to the challenge.

The pickle they’ve gotten themselves in isn’t surprising. They’ve somehow managed to try to stimulate the economy while at the same time suppressing growth. The evidence for this is in two reports in the StarTribune which explain how this war is being waged. In essence, the administration is pouring gasoline on a fire while practically spraying it with water. This is in an attempt to both limit growth, and exploitation of the ‘workers’ and create jobs, a practice which is both expensive and futile.

Hilda Solis, good socialist and labor agitator, is our Labor Secretary. Therefore, she is trotted out like a trained pony to demonstrate and explain this ridiculous plan. Keep in mind that as a good socialist she is honor bound to describe within the collectivist narrative a phenomenon that has nothing to do with ‘us versus them’ and is therefore indescribable. But she will try.

“Not all the recovery money has been put to work yet.” Solis explained in response to the fact that jobless claims continue to grow unabated. She is trying to excuse the fact that the stimulus bill, which isn’t a stimulus bill at all, isn’t working. You see, they had predicated their economic model on the idea the economy would just shrug off the downturn and return to growth. All the economic models, the reasonable ones at least, predicted that economic growth would return with paying down of excessive debt and a readjustment and failure of over leveraged companies. They would have been correct had the free market system been allowed to do its work. But, that wouldn’t satisfy the collectivist do-gooders in the socialist wing of the Democratic Party now in charge. They wanted to bilk the economy WHILE the recovery was occurring and claim their theft created recovery. So, at gun-point they robbed the economy of a couple of trillion dollars for their pet projects. Pet projects, we are now seeing, are just candy without any sustenance.

Solis, ever the duty-bound Marxist, continues to tow the party line. She explains why the stimulus isn’t yet working or even being tried. The reported wrote that “[Solis] noted much of the stimulus money was moving slowly, with construction projects in particular requiring time-consuming government permits.” So, let’s try to digest that little tidbit. The government stimulus money is not being spent because the government hasn’t issued the permits. What a charming conundrum this is. She has the audacity to suggest we shouldn’t criticize the government’s performance on growing the economy because the government can’t get its ducks in a row? So, to get this straight, the Keynesian method of arresting economic constriction is being hampered by the progressive method of limiting economic progress. Fascinating.
So, our jobless rate is now at 9.5% and growing. This is a problem which six months into the Obama administration can clearly be blamed on George W. Bush. Exploitation of workers by the capitalists are the most convenient explanation. So, to fix the problem of exploitation of workers the government is busy finding a solution. Since we have an unemployment problem, we should punish employers for employing workers, right? In a different article in the same issue of the StarTribune, David Lightman of McClatchy reports the Vegetable (Ted Kennedy D-MA) and the paramour of Fannie Mae (Chris Dodd D-CN) are working hard to remedy this problem. Lightman reports that these two paragons of virtue are proposing “most employers who don’t offer health coverage would be assessed annual fees of $750 per full-time worker or $375 per part-time worker.” They propose this and expect employers to hire workers. Really. What manager or owner of a business would seriously contemplate hiring a worker if they are going to be assessed this ‘fee’? They believe these mean, evil oppressors of the workers are exploiting the masses. For that, the narrative goes, they must be punished. So, if you dare to hire workers you must be charged a fee. You just can’t make this fully digested plant matter expelled by a bovine up.

And so the war on the economy continues. The People’s Democratic Party spanks and beats the economy into submission. At the same time they try to jumpstart the economy with imaginary stimuli. Job losses grow and they blame a boogeyman. Their own programs stymie job creation. Their own belief system clogs the economic arteries. A growing malaise saddens the populace. But, this is the hope and change we have come to expect.