The Obama Doctrine - War on Democracy

Obama’s War on Democracy continues with a putsch toward relations with the oligarch-ruled Russian state. Happy to accommodate repressive leaders he hopes to emulate, Obama reaches out to Putin to explain he would make unilateral concessions and hopes the Russian dictator would do the same. After all, they are really quite alike. Obama has clearly moved his administration into actively supporting oppressive dictators and away from those pesky, messy democratically minded rabble rousers. God forbid the people take control of their own destiny. That would just be madness.

The Obama Doctrine is emerging to be one of engaging tyrants and encouraging them to crush democratic opponents. His first expression of this new doctrine was in Iran’s failed elective process. Iran is not a democracy. It is a theocracy that allows people to vote in a plebiscite between hand-picked candidates. That means the people don’t really choose their leaders, they just vote on which one is more or less acceptable. However, the people of Iran had the wacky notion they were making the choice. They demonstrated in the streets against the obvious corruption involved and it was embarrassing to the mullahs.

Obama, mindful of his collectivist philosophy, demurely commented we couldn’t ‘meddle’ in their affairs. He, it appears, agrees that the mullahs are in charge and shouldn’t be challenged. Just as in the Democratic Party, the masses should not stand up to the rightful leaders. They must submit. When it grew more violent, he didn’t stand with the protestors but rather condemned the violence being committed by the rightful leaders. It was excessive. That was his only real objection. You should oppress nicely, is the message.

Then, when North Korea decided to start peddling its wares on the open market, Obama tepidly, with little conviction, sent an armed escort. This escort was to ostensibly search and seize any contraband weapons the North Koreans may be selling. He had a UN-mandate to do so. He had the opinion of the world behind him. Yet, when it came right down to it, he didn’t dare. After all, the North Koreans have a right to sell their goods. We mustn’t meddle in their commerce. He backed down, ready to allow bad actors to acquire their weapons and do what damage they will.

Then, Honduras, plucky and brave, stood up to their nascent dictatorial president and defended their constitution and rights. They ousted the would-be lackey of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and sent him packing. Uncle Hugo, a member of Obama’s Latin American book club, demanded of Obama and the world they back the tyrannical president and condemn the democratic minded Hondurans. Like a good toady, Obama did just that. He strongly assailed the Honduran democrats and supported the autocrat-minded former president. The Venezuelan dictator is working hard to build a force to punish these democratic, free people of Honduras. The American president stands idly by and claps.

Now, Obama has shown he is really serious about suppressing democracy and supporting oligarchy. He announced a trip to Moscow to meet with, not just the president of Russia, but with the real ruler of that country, Putin. In an acknowledgement of the real power in Russia, Obama awkwardly expressed his desire to make nice with Putin. Obama said, “I think that it’s important that even as we move forward with President Medvedev that Putin understand that the old Cold War approaches to U.S.-Russian relations is outdated . . . Putin has one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new.” How embarrassing for the Russian president. Obama merely mentions him in passing in order to get directly to the real ruler of Russia. Obama is convinced that Putin will understand his point of view, considering they are both good collectivists. Two peas in a pod, these men are. But, Putin has to understand one important thing.

Putin is still looking into the past when the glimmers of democracy stood in his way. Obama needs to teach him the error of his ways. One foot, the democracy one, is still in the past. Putin has one foot, his autocratic one, in the future. No need to fumble with asking the people for advice as to the direction of their society. That is so 1980’s. What Obama understands, and is willing to proselytize throughout the world, is tyrannical oligarchy is the wave of the future. Putin mustn’t hang onto any populist themes from the past. We must embrace the future. The future is collectivist ruling classes and not democracy. Obama has shown this is his mission. The Obama doctrine is to embrace this collectivism and suppress democracy at every turn. This is our new American way.