The Meddler and Honduras

The Meddler, otherwise characterized in the Middle East as Abu Hussein or domestically as the Great Prevaricator, has taken on a new role. Now, when his bookclub pal, Hugo, gives him a call, he answers. It seems the Venezuelan dictator is liningup his lackeys in Central America and someone in the Honduran military put a stop to it. How rude. The president in Honduras decided he liked the gig so much he didn’t want to give it up. So, taking a page outta Uncle Hugo’s book, he staged a peaceful, political coup. The Honduran military, defending its Supreme Court that blocked the wanna-be Chavez, ousted the president. Now, the Meddler answers the phone.

Worried that freedom could be spreading in the world, he dispatched the Secretary of Nagging, Hillary, to condemn the Honduran military for following their constitution. That is just not right. Obama, after using our Constitution like toilet paper, certainly can’t allow others in the western hemisphere to respect theirs. That would really give rise to a dangerous precedent. It now appears we are encouraging socialist dictators to take over provinces further building their power.

This meddling in other countries has got to stop. But, only when democratic free forces are in play, such as in Iran. If socialist tyrants are amassing power and are thwarted, we must meddle. Such a grand regime we are witnessing. Perhaps, if North Korea sells weapons to Al Quaeda, they will get their own 4th of July picnic invitations. They won’t be taken seriously unless they spread tyranny, destruction, and madness. That’s what we should really encourage.