Stop Meddling

Here’s an alert to the socialists in Congress and the Great Prevaricator at the White House; Stop meddling in our lives. It’s a simple message. One little piece of advice Abu Hussein gave us about foreign affairs is one he hasn’t taken to heart. We are a free nation of individuals who make choices about our lives and plans. We are a nation that believes deeply in creating our own futures and not a nation of hyphens. Stop meddling in our affairs and get back to the job of governing.

Each of these despicable pieces of legislation being passed by the socialists in Congress are intended to do ‘good’ things to our society. However, they are really meant to change the way we live our lives. That is not something that should be lightly approached or considered without heated and lively debate. The ‘cap-and-trade’ legislation is a gigantic tax that ostensibly will change our energy economy and change our way of life. Here’s an idea, NO. Let the market find the solutions. Let us live our lives as we see fit. Stop meddling in the choices we make and the choices the market makes. Get out, damned spot, get out and stop meddling.

This healthcare legislation is intended to change and adjust the way our market and we as individuals approach health care. It is explicitly designed to have government make our health care choices for us. It is predicated on the belief that government is more likely to make wise choices than individuals can. This meddling will take away our rights to pursue, or not to pursue, life in very personal ways. Stop meddling. It’s none of your damned business what health choices I make. I don’t care what your opinion is of it. It’s my life. Get the hell out of it.

The Employee Free Choice Act is a piece of legislation that will allow thugs into our workplaces to coerce us into unions. It is a law that is intended to take away our right to bargain individually and force us to bargain through government-sanctioned syndicates. It places the government directly into the power dynamic of the contract negotiating process. Stop meddling. Get out of my individual choices as a worker in the world. It isn’t your place to insert yourself into my contractual obligations. Get out of this place and leave me to live my own working life.

This is about liberty. This is not about ‘social change’. It is about meddling in the most intimate and important parts of my existence as a sentient, free individual. Society doesn’t have the right or the power to intrude on my path in life. You do not have the right to decide my working life, my health, my lifestyle choices, my diet, my workplace, my decision to turn on the air conditioner or drive a car or take the bus. Get Out!!! Stop meddling.

Take your own advice, Mr. President. STOP MEDDLING.