Abu Hussein's Weenie Roast

*Note – I just like referring to Obama in reference to the Middle East by his honorific bestowed by Arab Obamanations. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to think our president has such an effect on people he couldn’t care less about.

Abu Hussein is having a weenie roast for the 4th of July. He’s invited the Iranian brain trust, the mullahs, to this party. He’s hoping, beyond hope, that the mullahs and the other radicals in the Middle East will come. Abu Hussein believes if we can just get people talking, we can get them to moderate their political positions and alter their world view. After all, he’s managed to hoodwink the United States. Why not the Islamic world too?

Unfortunately for the host of these shindigs, no RSVP’s have been returned for his parties. Also, there has been mean-spirited mocking of his genuine attempt at baked beans diplomacy. Republicans have questioned the wisdom of inviting people to a barbeque who are shooting and beating their citizens. These pesky nit-pickers just don’t understand the importance of protocol and potency of potato salad. So, Abu Hussein conceded the point.

Since being asked the first actual semi-difficult questions of his presidency, the Great Prevaricator’s team has found a way to rebuke the Iranians. They have formally dis-invited the Irani representatives from the parties. That oughtta teach ‘em. No watermelon or cole slaw for them. In spite of the fact no Iranians intended to go to these bashes, Abu Hussein believes this will calm calls for retribution against the murderous regime. Does he really believe taking away something they didn’t want in the first place will have an effect on their behavior. Perhaps taking away their castor oil will be a punishment too?

It isn’t at all surprising that this ACORN-touting bully with tyrannical tendencies would see the mullahs as partners he can bargain with. His administration had to admit they had reached out to the Guardian Council before the pseudo-election was held. He’d happily negotiate with these thugs. He just won’t feed them any hamburgers.