The Real Case for Strib Bankruptcy

The decidedly StarTribune has done it again. They are bound and determined to make sure their leftist bona fides are not questioned. Saturdays bring a special highlight to the opinion pages. The section is called Opinion Exchange. It is purported to bring a healthy exchange of ideas to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul and their suburbs. What it actually brings is a completely left wing approach to opinion that should frighten and give pause to the average thinker. It also presents a solid case of why a huge portion of the population refuses to read the rag driving it into bankruptcy.

The first OpEd on the left side of the page is a particularly ridiculous scolding of Obama for eating hamburgers by the cracked Maureen Dowd. This is what passes for criticism of the president’s agenda by the collectivists. As president, their narrative informs, he should not be eating meat. She wailed, “He ordered himself a cheeseburger and fries and, in an extravagant attempt to prove his meaty regular guydom, brought back $80 worth of burgers and fries in a greasy bag for White House staffers.” Really. This is the most critical thing Maureen Dowd can think of when referring to a man who is in the process of bankrupting our economy with his frivolous spending. He eats, and promotes the eating, of burgers and fries. Pathetic and sad. That is what these so-called intellectuals are. Petty.

The right side of the page provides some contrast to Maureen Dowd’s rage over eating meat. A socialist by the name of Jay Walljasper is infuriated over the move to scale back spending on something imaginary he calls, the commons. He believes the ‘commons’ to be our stake in “clean air, fresh water, national forests, the Internet, public universities, rich cultural traditions and more.” In Walljasper’s paranoid mind, evil capitalists are plotting to ‘exploit’ these resources in order to enslave the general populace. We must all be vigilant for these despoilers and brigands. He seems to believe there are some undefinable villians, out there, who are launching a plot to take away air, water, trees, computer connections, educational institutions and history. So bizarre are his claims, he cannot actually articulate them into an actual plan supposedly made by these vile exploiters. Instead he announces a kind of amorphous assault by the fiscally prudent to ‘take away’ our shared resources. Once again, this theoretical intellectual, builds a paranoid case of epic proportions that we are to supposed to ‘beware of’. Hardly the sentient fodder of an enlightened leader.

The middle columns are supposed to be opinions in sharp contrast to one another. Unable to unleash even the most reticent of conservatives, the StarTribune trots out a tepid liberal apologist to bemoan the frantic wingnut claims of the left in the past eight years. With the usual, ‘why can’t we all just get along’ whine of the politically inept, Jay Ambrose begs on bended knee for those in the left to allow critics of Obama the opportunity to speak. His hand-wringing is most apparent when he dares to point out that during the Bush administration, a large number of wackos believed we were moving toward a theocracy. He then stolidly remarks that you cannot connect crazy talk on the left to violence any more than criticism of Obama on the right creates insurrection. Ipso Facto, the muddy middle is the only way. Of course, his muddy middle is squarely to the left of the bulk of this country.

As a counterpoint to the Kumbaya chanting of Mr. Ambrose, the Strib prints a scree from the uber-leftist Media Matters. Karl ‘Marx’ Fritsch then invents a list of conservatives who should have to apologize because David Letterman is a pervert. After all, if one left-wing hater is taken to task, it is only fair that ten conservatives should have to kneel and swear fealty to the elite. It certainly isn’t fair to make a socialist feel badly about their own sexism and hypocritical behavior. That simply isn’t right. Opposing the Great Prevaricator is truly vile behavior that demands satisfaction, according to Media Matters. Political correctness must be preserved above and beyond any other consideration. Defying the ‘thought police’ is an offense that should be punishable by public flogging, or worse.

Such is the state-mandated media in the great state of Minnesota. Fueled by only political considerations, we are subjugated to a rag of propaganda. Surprised by the public’s wariness of intentions, the StarTribune continues to flaunt its DFL bias. Unsurprisingly, it finds itself in bankruptcy court. Yet, it is not, repeat, not because it is an unreliable source of news. Oh, no. The StarTribune is bankrupt because of the market and not because of their flagrant betrayal of the most important tenet of journalism, courageous truth-telling. They have refused.