You've Reached Abu Hussein, Please Leave a Message

President Obama’s very first real foreign crisis is unfolding before the eyes of the world. Iran is beset with protestors over an obviously stolen election. North Korea is saber rattling over the United Nations sanctions because of nuclear weapons and holding two American citizens as jailed hostages. The Israeli prime minister is holding out an olive branch in order to engage the peace process with the Palestinians agreeing to a two state solution. Darfur continues to be a blood bath. Pakistan is riddled with invading terrorist fighters the government is trying to contain. The world is in a fluster of engagements and what is our fearless leader doing? He’s off peddling his wares to the American Medical Association as if nothing was awry.

Abu Hussein, as some are calling Obama in Syria, is grimly lecturing doctors in Chicago on how to fix the health care system. (I still don’t see how it’s broken in the first place). He was politely, though coolly received, because doctors are not thrilled by the idea of the government getting into the insurance business. They know very good and well just where that horrible idea will lead. But, regardless, Obama has yet to make a statement on the crisis in Iran. He is flying hither and yon to sell his socialist programs but isn’t attending to his executive duties as the foremost foreign affairs head. Blithely, he hides and waits as the unsettling events in Tehran become more riotous. Why is he doing so? Two major reasons; he doesn’t know what to do and he is scared to act boldly.

On Friday, as the elections were occurring in Iran, he went before the American people and took credit for facilitating change in that country. Naively, he believed the more reform minded candidate was winning. He was told by his advisors how Mousavi was poised to win the presidential election and become the new head of state. His advisors were probably right on the money. It now appears the election was a stolen one, probably due to the efforts of the Persian ACORN. Abu Hussein, neophyte as he is, believed the vote would make him look prescient and so influential. However, his little stunt probably convinced the mullahs this upstart could not demonstrate control over their state. (Sheer speculation, though it certainly makes sense). Regardless, Abu Hussein looks like an idiot and is in a real pickle.

Had he not taken his ‘no pre-conditions’ stance on talking with Iran, he could easily have sidestepped talking to Achmadinajad and claimed the radical is not the real head of state. But, since he has vowed to speak directly with the Iranian president, he must go forward with the odious Holocaust-denier. He put all his diplomatic eggs in one basket. He can’t be a statesman and talk to the cheated opposition because it would make him look foolish to the other Arab leaders. He had said, ‘regardless of whom wins’ he looked forward to working with them. To back out now would make him look weak-kneed and duplicitous. Meanwhile the opposition protestors are being rounded up and jailed.

Not to be outdone by the Iranian mess, the North Korean government reacted to UN sanctions with a threat to start a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula. Once again, nothing by crickets chirping greets this outlandish proposition. Mao’s half African brother in philosophy is in even a greater dilemma there. He can’t help enforce the UN resolutions without some kind of response by Pyongyang. He also can’t NOT enforce the UN resolutions with looking like a prancing fool. Like a deer in headlights, he’s dazed and confused over this Catch-22. So, off to Chicago he goes.

The major problem with this is he is showing just how weak and unprepared he is for responding to diplomatic and international crises. The American state-run press didn’t do its job. It didn’t box him in with difficult questions and the even more important follow-ups. He was allowed to sing his little Kumbaya foreign policy song without a serious question as to its pragmatism. No one ever geared this administration up on the deep implications of these bad actors in the world. Obama, ever the grim socialist, wasn’t made to think these situations through. Now, when he should be able to produce a policy or official reaction, he is stymied. Whatever he produces will be trite, unworkable, and probably even more dangerous because of this flaw.

Every president is faced with foreign situations that are implacable and unnerving. They are especially tested by the rogue nations and their even crazier leaders. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Nagging, said Obama passed the famous 3 A.M. call test she posed during the primaries. She is so very, very mistaken. This president is now being faced with that test and as we are seeing, he’s just screening his calls. These he doesn’t like and so he’s just not answering.