Liberal 'Do as I say, not as I do' Morality Lesson

I found this list of morals on True Blue Liberal by Rodger Raino that so succinctly demonstrates their moral relativity and hypocrisy. For ease of reading, I’ve added some translations from Newspeak into traditional English for those of you who are not as familiar with Orwell. Hope you enjoy a glimpse inside the collectivist mind. It is not for the faint of heart.

* I believe people are more important than things – Translation – I believe artificially created groups of should be able to rob those who have more property of that excess.
* I believe all of our children should have access to a high quality education – Translation – In order to indoctrinate them with the collectivist values needed to destroy individual freedom.
* I believe we should respect those who are different than ourselves and treat them with dignity – Translation – But only superficial differences such as gender or skin color. Actual philosophic differences must be suppressed and censored.
* I believe everyone should be treated equally under the law – Translation – But, only if they are conservative. If they are progressive collectivists they get a second chance after subsequent re-education in progressive values.
* I believe the most vulnerable among us should be protected – Translation – In order to enforce our agenda, we need as many on the public dole as possible and dependant on our largesse.
* I believe that while war may regrettably be necessary it should only be undertaken after all other solutions have been exhausted – Translation – Such as using non-governmental agencies to further spreading socialism and progressive values such as dependence and groupthink
* I believe encouraging diverse viewpoints makes us stronger – Translation – Unless those viewpoints are in conflict with our viewpoint. In that case, we crush them and destroy their character in the public forum
* I believe society should be responsible for endeavors, that support the common good and are beyond the scope of individuals – Translation – Society, not individuals, are the source of power in the political realm. Democracy is for suckers.
* I believe it is my duty to pay for the costs of services government provides – Translation – We must rob those who have resources in order to placate and make dependent more and more sheep.
* I believe it is wrong to dictate the beliefs of others – Translation – Unless it is our will being thwarted. Then, we have a right as collectivist oligarchs to dictate policy and privileges to our comrades.
* I believe that none of us should be forced to live in poverty – Translation – After all, it is clearly Us Versus Them and Them are Making people live in poverty. Marx was right.
* I believe everyone should have enough to eat – Translation – But only those things we collectivists believe are appropriate and that privilege is only extended to those who follow us and our dogma.
* I believe everyone should have a place to live – Translation – And we know what sort of conditions they should have. If they aspire to more, they must be robbed and marginalized. Except, of course, we collectivist oligarchs who can live in posh existence by virtue of our evolved sensibilities.
* I believe everyone should have access to quality healthcare – Translation – Because we can only control people’s choices by having dictatorial access to their most intimate details. How can we control the huddled masses effectively without meddling in their most private affairs.
* I believe all religious traditions deserve respect – Translation – As long as that religious tradition is watered down and politically silent. Well, they can contribute, but only to the collective.
* I believe that those who claim to speak for God have not been listening carefully to the words of God – Translation – We cannot trust people who are divinely inspired. We must trust only those who have been secularly inspired like our god-like Obama.
* I believe that morality positions which promote hate are actually immoral – Translation – We decide what is moral and immoral. We cannot leave that important question to the people. That is absurd. Only we enlightened few, the collectivist oligarchs, can be trusted with that decision.
* I believe I am responsible for my own behavior and the consequences of that behavior – Translation – Unless it means I’m in trouble. Then the collective will defend and protect me and dig me out of my hole.
* I believe that policy decisions should be based on facts and science – Translation – We all know that only the elites can discover the truth. Facts cannot be discovered by the hoi polloi. They are simply too stupid to understand things like climate change and health care. We must suppress any attempt by people to be free, critical thinkers.
* I believe we should try to eradicate the root causes of crime – Translation – Because it is possible to know what causes actions occurring in outlaws’ heads. We can create artificial conditions by which all people will meekly follow the party line and that will engender perfect change.
* I believe criminal justice should never be cruel – Translation – Because justice would mean making a bad actor pay. It is cruel when someone hurts another to expect retribution and equalizing the advantage taken of others. All we need to do is indoctrinate people on the merits of Kumbaya and holding hands. That will fix everything.
* I believe it is wrong to take advantage of others – Translation – Unless it is those who greedily accumulate too much. They are fair game for robbing and degrading.
* I believe we must resist the temptation of majorities to tyrannize minorities – Translation – That is, if we are in the minority. Now that we are in the majority, there will be hell to pay.