The Delusional Effect

Just when you thought the statist press couldn’t get any more biased, Matthew Stannard of the San Francisco Chronicle managed to invent a phenomenon based on the Great Prevaricator’s hallowed words in Cairo. He’s searched far and wide to find lofty estimates of the Anointed One’s magical effect on voters in the Middle East. The mere release of CO2 and vocal cord vibrations by the Ruler of the Western, neigh entire World, have deep and abiding effects throughout the Arab world. Following up on Evan Thomas’ assessment of His Highness’ Holy qualities, Mr. Stannard manufactures another way Obama is changing the world, one speech at a time. It’s doing the president no favor.

“No matter who wins Iran’s presidential race, the contest will be scrutinized for signs that voters were wooed or put off by the United States’ recent charm offensive – the so-called Obama effect.”

It is no small wonder this propagandist uses rhetorical and logical devices similar to that of James Hanson, climatologist to the world. For these ‘analyists’ any effect and any reaction found in the world can be traced to a single causal force. For Hanson, everything that happens is due to the release of CO2 by human beings. For Stannard, everything that happens in the world is due to the release of CO2 by his lord and master, Barack Hussein Obama. Regardless of what happens, this release of gases has a profound and measurable effect on what other people do. He is bound and determined to advocate that effect and publicize it to humanity.

His majesty, in a statement on Friday, announced the official stance of his administration. “We tried to send a clear message that we think there is the possibility of change,” the god-like figure uttered. “Ultimately, the election is for the Iranians to decide, but just as has been true in Lebanon, what can be true in Iran is that you’re seeing people looking at new possibilities.” So, not only is the ‘Obama effect’ at play in Iran, the ‘Obama effect’ was in play in Lebanon in election before the vaulted one spoke. Really. So, now we are not only measuring the effect of the release of CO2 in Cairo, but, we are also measuring the effect BEFORE the release of CO2 in Cairo. His mere existence seems to have ‘changed’ things in the Middle East. His mere presence as president of the United States, even before uttering the words, gave solace and hope to Lebanese voters. This guy is nuts.

I don’t say this lightly. I really, truly, believe this person has been completely altered by the winning of an election and the fawning, stooge-like press coverage, and the continuing high approval by an adoring public. He appears to actually believe his own rhetoric. He appears to have succumbed to the phenomenon Lord Acton espoused in the 19th century. “Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” He has become delusional. This is not mere political posturing. Political posturing would be linking actual, positive events to a particular action engaged by the president. This man seems to link any and every action, positive, negative, and indifferent, to his mere exhalation of CO2 somewhere in the world.

Now, this may turn out to be a temporary delusion that becomes tempered with reality. That is possible. However, the buttressing effects of the toady press and compliant public do little to help this man actually see his real place in the world. The sad acquiescence of everyone to his every bidding only reinforces his delusions. He fires CEO’s with little criticism. He fires an Inspector General, a post intended to be without political manipulation, and there is hardly a murmur. He takes over industries and we sit idly by and watch.

“I don’t want government to run stuff. Like I said, I’ve got enough stuff to do. I’ve got North Korea, and I’ve got Iran. And I’ve got Afghanistan and Iraq,” he said as reported by the Los Angeles Times from a townhall forum in Wisconsin. Then he demands the government take over health care. He says one thing and then promptly does the opposite. He claims he doesn’t ‘want’ to do these things but does them anyway. Poor, put-upon Obama. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Only he, and his band of theives, are able to ‘fix’ the ‘problems’ of the world. Only he, and his do-gooders, know what is the right answer for everyone. It’s crazy.

This has become an epidemic, no a pandemic. According to the World Health Organization, a pandemic is a disease that is not contained but flows freely throughout the world. His delusions are doing just that. He espouses a belief that the world, and not just the parochial United States, are hanging on his every exhilation of CO2. His influence is so great, it seems to appear, that nations vote differently even BEFORE he speaks his holy pronouncements. Jinkies. We are in deep dodo.

Time to wake up people.

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