How 'Bout a Nice Dish of Crow, Mr. Letterman

I’m sure a great deal has been written on this site about Governor Palin’s standing up to the bully in the schoolyard, Mr. Letterman. But, I think the woman is a shining example of just how effective the true and moral stance can be. This woman not only stood up and called the talk show host on his pervy comments about her daughter and his degrading characterization of her. She stood up to all the bully collectivists in the schoolyard and called their bluff. These people believe they are above us in every way. Governor Palin made one eat his words.

David Letterman’s nasty characterization of Sarah Palin as a ‘slutty flight attendant’ was bad. But the collectivist media has been doing that for months now. They have acted in concert to diminish and marginalize the entire population of the country that doesn’t belong in the Hollywood-Media-Political clique. Their condescension isn’t limited to conservatives, or conservative women, or even non-Democrats. These people believe themselves a governing class who are the only people who can direct the resources and attention of this nation. What they are most appalled by, in Gov. Palin, is not her looks or her demeanor, or her politics. What they are most appalled by is her audacity to speak directly to the people without their permission. She is a vital threat to them because she isn’t cowed by their elitism. It galls and infuriates them. And, more importantly, it threatens their place.

What Davy did was give her a clear and noble example of just how seriously flawed their moral imperative is. You see, they can attack and belittle any who refuse to bow to their position as nobles. That is all. They consider themselves the ruling class in this country. John McCain never seriously concerned them because he took years playing the game and building relationships with the ruling class. He is part of them. But, Mrs. Palin, she is an upstart. That must be buried. You can’t have the hoi polloi upsetting their neatly arranged apple cart of hierarchies. That just isn’t done.

So, Davy the Pervy made a sick, pathetic joke at Palin’s daughter’s expense. It would have flown just under the radar had he not made a tactical mistake. He presumed it would be the beleaguered Bristol who attended the Yankee game with her mother. He told the joke believing it would just further the filthy characterization the media carefully crafted concerning her. But it wasn’t Bristol at the game. It was the younger, fourteen-year-old Willow who attended that game with her mother. That gave Sarah the Brave the perfect opportunity.

She could have brushed it off, like so many have before. Palin knew, as did the rest of the nation, he meant to smear Bristol with more muck. But she bravely took the slight and called Old Pervy to the carpet. Davy, smugly, self-assuredly, tried to clarify. He invited the Palins to New York on his dime and to appear on his show. It only made him look worse. Instead of looking magnanimous and accommodating, he looked foolish and foxy. It was here the Palins really took the creep to task.

Instead of letting it lie fallow, the Palins came back with the retort that first they wouldn’t go on and ‘improve his ratings’ which marginalizes the ever-diminishing returns of the has-been. Then, returned fire by saying it wouldn’t be wise to have their daughter within feet of the old bugger. They’re not concerned about Viagra boy in the least. But it paints him with the same muck he tried to smear them with. Beautiful.

The Ogler was on the ropes now. Sarah Palin went on the Today show this morning with Matt Lauer. Matty wanted to do his best to protect his fellow peer of the realm. He tried his darnedest to trip up Palin on her well-deserved outrage. Months of enduring this endless sideshow had taught her well. She gave back even better than she took. She demanded an apology from Creepy, not to her, but to all women. It was women who have been smeared by this classist garbage. Common, everyday women are being showered with reminders not to step out of their place or the self-styled nobility will destroy you. They will attack you and your family and your connections and your very existence if you have the temerity to stand up to the ruling class.

Sarah Palin did more for this country than just humiliate one sicko. She shot a warning across the bow of the establishment. You are not above us. You cannot act without reprove. You are not better than us. We, the American public are the rulers. Not you. This is a message I would hope those in power will take to heart. I think some direct hits wouldn’t hurt however.