Dangerous Tendencies

Playboy published a list of conservative and Republican women they singled out for rape. This list, which included Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, and some television personalities, is a particularly loathsome act of degradation and abasement that enraged and psychopathic leftists find amusing. Indeed, it would appear that their vile bitterness and fierce hatred have become an illness with them. To create a list of women, with whom you disagree politically, and propose performing vicious, brutal attacks upon them, because you disagree with them, is high humor with these folks. It shows the left wing media in this country is in dire need of monitoring. The blatant and disrespectful slurs and personal smears to these women is dangerous and a growing threat. Out-of-control liberals are becoming even more unhinged and it is because of the irresponsible reporting of the media. They are encouraging this behavior and may even be the fount of it. They need to be controlled.

CNN anchors, with their nasty ‘teabagging’ jokes which are beneath contempt, are some of the worst offenders. They marginalize and laugh at people who politically disagree with the Obama mantra. Anderson Cooper has led the charge to make being a conservative seem as seedy as being an illiterate rube. From his bully pulpit, he has scoffed and sneered at those who find his politics reprehensible. Abandoning all attempts at journalism, the man has staffed his ‘reporters’ and ‘analyst’ staff with a bunch of dyed-in-the-wool stooges who simply hang on his every word and bleat the Democratic talking points as if it were a religious creed. Opposition and critical thinking are not welcome at this bastion of elitism’s table. Any step from the party line is anathema to him and his producers.

The major newspapers are no better. They are unable to speak of an oppositionist to the Obama juggernaut without attaching the prefix uber- or ultra- or modifying with the word ‘extreme’ any dissent from the administration’s bottom line. Columnists, who are barely moderate Democrats, are extolled as ‘conservative voices’. Pressing and pushing the political dialogue ever farther left seems to be their only purpose. Delivering news with a critical eye, collecting diverse opinions, and giving balance to the items they carry have become impossible tasks for these progressive water-carriers. They have decided the political playing field and the boundaries of the discussion and if you don’t agree, you are labeled a nut.

The left-wing blogs and websites are even worse. They openly make disgusting, vile insinuations against their political opponents. Rumor and innuendo are their pen and ink. They embolden and urge their followers to ad hominem attacks as political sport. They defend even the most ridiculous charges and try to out scream their political adversaries with ranting and raving. It is from this fertile field such nasty, callow, and frightening behavior springs forth.

To create a list of women to rape is an act that borders on the criminal. How can they defend such an act? They sputter and spit foam and profess their undying love and adoration of Obama. They cite these women’s political opposition to him as an act of violence. They seem to believe that advocating a sexual assault on a woman is comparable to disagreeing with the president. Since when is advocating a violent, degrading, criminal act upon a political opponent a funny joke? This is the fruit of the left; a whole scale abandonment of all sense of proportion or reason in return for blind obedience.

These media outlets are claiming and charging the right wing of this nation with inciting violence. There is nothing even close to this being done by conservatives, capitalists, and libertarians. There is no right-leaning rape or assault list of Democrats. The left is constantly harping that conservatives are inciting a crime. Yet, under their very noses, a hit list is generated and promulgated. Instead of hanging their heads in shame, some of these lunatics are defending it. This is ample proof of how the collectivist mind works. If someone dares to speak against the mob, they will destroy them. It isn’t a nation of political debate, it has become a nation of bullies and thugs.