You Bought It, You Fix It

The recent propaganda coming out of the White House is this whining kind of blame shifting to the previous administration. Let us concede the point. So, this financial crisis comes from the failures of previous administrations and congressional actions. Who cares? Mr. President, you inherited these problems SO FIX THEM. Enough of the blame game. Enough of the shifting sands.

You stood before the nation on a countless number of times telling us you could fix this problem. You spent innumerable hours begging, borrowing, and collecting campaign contributions to get to this office. You promised the heavens and have yet to give us the earth. The Democratic Party harangued and harassed the GOP into the ground on their ability to fix the problems. SO FIX THEM.

You have spent trillions of dollars to fix the economy. Congress gave you first 800 billion, then more than 400 billion in an earmark-riddled omnibus bill. You have the explosive budget you’ve asked for. The budget has a 2 trillion dollar deficit, just as you wanted. You have gotten everything you have asked for and yet you still try shifting the blame.

I thought this stimulus bill and omnibus bill and budget had to be passed with the greatest haste in order to avert this financial crisis. Well, the crisis is still here and with no end in sight. You promised actions that would fix the system and yet, it is still hurting and we are still bleeding.

The American auto industry is dying. The financial industry is flailing. Our nation’s credit is being flushed down the toilet. Our international standing is a joke. You have gotten everything and it isn’t working. It isn’t working and so you are now blaming someone else. Stop it. Take responsibility for your actions. You bought it, the nation, YOU FIX IT.