We Are Not Supplicants

The current spin on American democracy has the ring of collectivism in its tones. This philosophy suggests that as free Americans we must collectively demand rights and privileges from the federal government. It says that as a group, we must collectively seek from the government certain ways of doing things and organize with other groups who also seek privilege from those in power. This isn’t a new idea. In fact, it is an idea resurrected from the philosophy of the feudal past. The American experiment was a charter designed to limit government interference in our lives and society. But, the collectivists in charge have actually persuaded many of those in power that we must kneel and beg for rights we already have.

Our most recent examination of this phenomenon is the apparent capitulation of some Republican leaders to the ideals of identity politics. Jeff Sessions, GOP senator from Alabama, is terrified that ‘latinos’ or ‘Hispanics’ will become disillusioned with the right if we question the Latina nominee for the Supreme Court. He actually believes in the Democratic Party far left wing spin machine’s argument that groups will collectively support or oppose one of their own. Other Republican leaders are acting accordingly trusting the collectivist hype that argues Spanish-speaking or Latin American originating people will collectively rise up in protest over this bigoted nominee. They have fallen for the premise that a group of people who originate from the Straits of Magellan to Tijuana are so monolithic in belief, will somehow coalesce around someone whose ORIGINS were from people who speak a variant of the same language and toss out Republicans for criticizing ‘one of their own.’

Actually speaking with so-called ‘latinos’ belies this ideal. People from Guatemaula consider themselves Guatemaulan. People from Puerto Rico consider themselves American. People from Argentina consider themselves South American. The variance of belief about their ‘group’ is so widespread and not monolithic at all is staggering. Yet, some of the ‘kingmakers’ in Washington are wide-eyed in fear that these groups will become angry and ‘throw the suckers out’ over this Bronx nightmare with Spanish-speaking relatives.

They are falling prey to this collectivist notion of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and now language groups as being real categories of thought. Relying on this false premise, they are scurrying to curry favor with these imaginary groups and cover their political derriers. Once you accept the premise that identity politics runs the country, you must submit to these faux group leaders and beg for favors. But, this false political arrangement only leads to bigotry and contradiction. People believe and vote for what is best for them. Bowing to this ideal will only begin to make it seem more real. Political realities are shaped by faith. This faulty premise must be stopped dead in its tracks.

We are not supplicants groveling at the feet of those in power. We are the ones in power. We hold the cards. Until we make that case to those who may not understand that, we are lost in the wilderness. If we allow this artificially created identity to take hold, we will lose our individual freedoms and rights. Once we kneel and accept the ‘overlords’ protection, we have acquiesced to their sovereignty. Like the feudal lords in the Medieval period, they will take our submission and demand tribute and fealty to their deeds. We will not be free to act as we should. We will act only according to the collectivist group will. That is the price of seeking the ‘protection’ of these leaders.

We are not supplicants begging for privileges at the table of the masters. We are free agents. That is the American dream. A dream that seeks to allow individuals to freely decide what path their lives may take. A dream that shouts down the collectivists in power and demands action for the greater good and not just the ‘overlord’s’ supporters. It is a shared dream that our country will look out for all and not some of its citizens. If leaders betray that ideal, we will throw them out and get other, more humble and faithful, leaders to keep that dream going.

The Democratic Party doesn’t accept this vision any longer. They believe in the success of some groups at the expense of other groups. They believe that by pitting the have and havenots against one another they can win. But, the American Dream has always been that by freeing and empowering the havenots you can give them a path to success. The Democrats zero-sum game is based on a pie which doesn’t get bigger. They seem to believe the pie can only be so big and that for each person to get his fair share you must steal some from another.

That is not America. That is the befuddled, shared delusion of old discredited economic thought. We believe the pie is only as small as we make it. We believe the pie can be bigger so more people can have more. We need to make the case to the citizenry of this country, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, language, or any other artificial category imagined, that they can make the pie bigger and as a result get a bigger slice. They can succeed if the rules apply equally to us all. They can prosper as long as someone is not putting their finger on the scales of justice in order to make it ‘fairer’. They can make it as Americans and not a subset of some manufactured identity.

Most of all, we need to educate and persuade our fellow citizens that we are not supplicants. We are Americans and as a result the ones in charge. The illusions of these people in power are fleeting and a chimera of hope. We are the hope of the nation and not the wanna-be overlords. They need to be cowed. We should speak truth to power.