Something Hinky This Way Comes

Before our esteemed Secretary of State, Mark ‘ACORN’ Ritchie took office, Minnesota had a reputation as a clean, transparent democracy that took itself seriously when dealing with elections. Since the ACORN trainer occupied the position, we have had nothing but murky, muddied results, voter registration problems, and a DFL out of whack with power. Instead of working to insure we have a vibrant democracy with open, verifiable records, the Secretary of Fraud has hidden files from the public and law makers and made us all fearful for our state’s honesty and reputation.

The StarTribune’s Patricia Lopez, noted lefty and blatant DFL supporter, wrote a piece today about a lawsuit being waged against the Secretary of Fraud himself. It seems Ritchie is required by law to update voter registration rolls following an election and has failed to do so. It appears there are serious discrepancies between the number of votes cast and the number of registrations by county. A large number, 17 in fact, of counties have yet to report their voter registrations with the state, a job the Secretary is supposed to insure happens. DFL county strongholds, like Hennepin (Minneapolis), Ramsay (St. Paul), and St. Louis (Duluth), have failed to send in their registration records. The counties claim to have sent the information but Ritchie claims they didn’t. Lost in the mists of obstructionism, the office of the Secretary of Fraud won’t speculate as to the problem.

Ritchie himself apparently avoided answering any questions about the missing registrations instead deferring to the county officials. Since his job is to make sure there are open and honest elections, it seems odd he wouldn’t take this action more seriously. Unless, of course, there is merit to the claim by the Coleman campaign that more votes were cast than registrations. We do know that from the totals collected by the DFL controlled canvassing board that several, 26 so far, precincts did indeed have more votes than voters. Since the Minnesota State Department has locked the gates and pulled up the drawbridge, some Minnesota legislators are suing for the information.

Undoubtedly, something hinky is going on. There are never as many voters as there are registrations. People who have died, moved, or chose not to vote can still be registered making the vote count much lower than the voter rolls report. For there to be more votes than voters cannot happen in a free and open election. In spite of the bizarre numbers involved, every reporter and politician in the state relies on Minnesota Nice namby-pambyism and politely refuses to call fraud on the State Department and county officials involved. Both the letter and spirit of the law are being violated openly. For the State Department to not publish this data smacks of the kind of vote handling indicative of a party machine run by Boss Tweed or the Pendergast machine in Kansas City in the past.

There is some serious voter registration and as an extension voter fraud occurring and Ritchie is running interference for the DFL machine. He is a corrupt party hack who is participating in a giant scam upon the people of Minnesota. Putting the Secretary of Fraud in charge of election fairness is akin to putting the proverbial fox in charge of the chicken coop. The whole apparatus smells rotten as a dead skunk lying on the side of the road. But, buried within the pages, the StarTribune editors seek to muzzle this issue. Whether the State Supreme Court will in fact act is a dubious proposition. So far the august assemblage has carried the DFL water as reliably as the Secretary of Fraud has. We need a serious federal investigation of these issues. Only an independent investigation will seek to find what actually occurred in the 2008 election and the following days. Our very liberty and democracy are at issue. Only a vigorous investigation will find the truth.