The Collectivist View on Terrorists

*Note – You gotta read this article to believe it. The author is obviously caught in a mindset of confusion over the far left’s characterization of the terrorists as just brave warriors and the fact they want to kill us.

In a breaking news story truly worthy of the L.A. Obama Times, Sebastian Rotella weaves a tragic tale of some poor, sad terrorists who tried hard to kill Americans but were abused and disrespected in the process. Mr. Rotelli brilliantly portrays the story with heart-wrenching detail explaining how the terrorist organization failed to utilize these brave, strapping fellows. Such a saga has been begging to be revealed and at long last is told.

This tale of woe begins with a provocative title that stirs the soul, “Budding jihadists find that terror life isn’t easy.” The author begins with the suggestion, sub rosa, that these poor men had faced a daunting struggle with forces more profound than they had anticipated. This subtle, gentle hint speaks volumes as to the liberal belief in how to fight terrorism. The author means to suggest to other possible terrorists that this isn’t a fun, delightful romp through the clover. Terrorism is difficult and so if you think it is a good idea, you should think again. This idealism passes for antiterrorism policy in the eyes of the liberal media. If you just get the jihadists to understand this path is rocky, they will not go down that road. It is the blind, narrow thinking of the left that propaganda alone can dissuade future killers.

Next come the trials and tribulations set to a dramatic score of these ‘brave’ men. They faced brigands who robbed them and deep snows until finally these faithful men arrived at the terrorist camps. The author quotes one of the men as saying, “we were expecting at least a welcome for ‘our brothers from Europe’ and a warm atmosphere of hospitality.” How sad for these courageous brothers-at-arms. They faced such horrible challenges and the jihadists didn’t even offer them coffee and a Danish. Instead, these honorable men were forced to buy their own weapons and grenades. Note to budding jihadists, bring cash.

The author then regales us with the perfidy of the western powers. Those rascally police tracked these poor souls as they became more radicalized and began their journey. The police trapped them in a web of intercepts and confessions and “exploited the accused extremists’ reliance on the Internet.” Really, this is all too much. The authorities obviously overstepped their bounds by watching and tracking these brave soldiers. Such actions are patently unfair to these jihadists’ rights. But, that is the way of the duplicitous western forces.

After facing bombs, living in squalid conditions, and boredom, these men were not even given a chance to kill Americans. They wanted to. Only two from the group were properly utilized in the Predator actions. One man sent a picture of himself brandishing a grenade launcher and claiming to have killed Americans, but these poor louts had no such accolades. They braved all these challenges only to find themselves disenchanted with the movement. So, like all courageous fellows they decided to go home.

After all these trials, they fell into ‘the clutches of police who had been monitoring them intently.” No doubt, these police were doing so in violation of these men’s rights. How awful that they, having weathered such difficulties, should be faced with imprisonment and probably healthcare. They may get three meals a day, clothing, and shelter for heaven’s sake. The western powers will probably give them phone privileges and attorneys. Such is the torturous ways of the western world.

Finally, the men spoke to investigators of their complaints about the jihad movement. They had faced malaria, money problems, and disrespect at the hands of these people. This will surely deter other ‘budding jihadists’ about the dangers and abuse facing them if they so choose to join. Certainly, this sad tale will stop the terrorist networks once they realize the poor working conditions of the terrorist camps.

Without question, stories like this will cause unionizing activity among the jihadists. If only the UAW could help organize and represent men like these, the terrorists would have a better chance at fulfilling their dreams of killing Americans. Perhaps Hillary can negotiate a better healthcare plan for these aspiring murderers. Better living conditions could be assured by the stimulus plan that would in turn create jobs for Americans they plan on killing. Such a strange and wacky outlook shouldn’t surprise us. For this is the world according to the collectivist mind.