Because I Said So

Earlier this week, Congress had to audacity to question the Obama Gitmo plan and refused to fund shutting down the detainee facility. Obama, who is closing the prison as a payoff to MSDNC and the Daily Communist crowd, was obviously furious that Congress would dare question his idea. Angry at the Democrats who sided with the GOP in blocking the funding, he went before cameras this morning to confront his rivals. Instead of explaining in detail his plans for the detainees, he simply blamed the Bush administration and came off appearing like a petulant child.

Standing before the cameras, Obama tried to look stern but instead his countenance looked peevish and whiny. While still trying to use the campaign tactic of blaming Bush, he came across as immature and unpresidential. His pursed lips reminded one more of a school marm haranguing her pupils than a commander-in-chief. Never describing his proposed process, he instead seemed to dictate his terms like a tyrant in a fit of pique. It is his way or the highway, was the argument.

It appears that being president when things don’t go his way isn’t fun. Obama is getting his first taste of actual leadership instead of autocracy. When his will is thwarted, he doesn’t look gracious but instead dictatorial throwing a tantrum in front of the nation. Looking down his nose at us, he looked childish instead of like a formidable leader in the world. Such is the reaction of this citizen watching his hissy fit. He is no longer cool and confident but pouty and threatening. He’d better start taking his punches more calmly because there are surely more to come down the pike. His argument, ‘because I said so’ will only work so long before the nation as a whole shrugs its collective shoulders and says ‘there he goes again.’ We didn’t hire a frustrated teenager, we hired a president. Obama better start acting like one.