Pelosi Gone Cuckoo?

“With Speaker Pelosi declining offers from “State of the Union” and others to answer questions on Sunday, her Republican critics stepped into the vacuum — with gusto.” John King CNN.com

It appears that over the weekend someone took the Grand Inquisitor, Nancy Pelosi behind the woodshed to give her something to think about.  She was flooded with requests for interviews, but the usually loquacious Pelosi announced she needed some family time.  Interesting time but Mother’s Day was the previous weekend.  However, the Speaker is not taking the spanking lying down.  She has concocted an extremely bizarre tale to cover her previous prevarications. 

During an interview with John Harwood of the Democratic New York Times, Pelosi blurted; “My job when I — it only fueled the flame to me — we must win the Congress, we must win the White House, that’s the only way we’re going to change this policy. It’s interesting that they’re having they’re fun. We’re creating jobs. They want to create an illusion. This is their — this is their creation and they have to answer for it. They can try to deflect all they want, I am limited in what I can say publicly on these matters. But the fact is, I said that they didn’t brief us in the briefing I received.”

So the Speaker’s defense is somehow Republicans have created an illusion that she was briefed when she wasn’t?  Or, is it an illusion that the Speaker was told but then using a memory machine erased her memory?  Perhaps the Republicans actually set this whole thing up when they were in power.  They briefed everyone else but the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and implanted an aide who also didn’t tell her about the waterboarding. I’m not sure.  It seems the Speaker is beginning to lose what few coherent thoughts she once had.  She, like Hillary, sees a vast right wing conspiracy everywhere manipulating people’s thoughts and memories.  She is apparently being chased by men with butterfly nets. 

However, we do need to consider the fact that she is third in line in succession behind the president and vice president.  If she is becoming this unhinged perhaps we should consider removing her.  The only Democrat to speak out against her so far is Leon Panetta at the CIA.  He politely, but firmly, blew away her case for not being informed by the CIA.  The White House has remained silent with Robert Gibbs running screaming from the room at any mention of the Speaker.   He answered Fox’s Major Garrett’s question with a noncommittal ‘I won’t RSVP” to the Speaker’s allegations. 

Something’s gotta give.