Obama's Stooges Meet

After buying off states and automakers, the administration is now taking draconian steps to cram strict environmental standards down the throats of American consumers.  The environmental fascists are thrilled by the president’s move believing we cannot chose our own vehicles, we must accept these oligarchs’ dictates. 

Of course the Obama administration, through the mouth of Press Secretary Gibbs, is spinning this as a great accomplishment.  The president has been able to get wildly different groups to sit down together in a giant Kumbaya session to agree to work together.  But, this is only their propagandist spin on the move.  It is actually a mandate forced upon the car companies, states, and the rest of the country.  This isn’t cooperation, its coercion.  These people have no voice.  They took the money and now the Great Prevaricator will dictate the terms.  No questions will be allowed and certainly no argument will be accepted. 

Obama’s take on this.  He, not the American people, bought and paid for these groups and now can do with them what he will.  Like the Chicago thug he is, he will tell these states and auto makers what they will build.  On the flip side, it will also limit what we can buy.  This deal is actually destroying our ability to choose.  We are not even sitting in the room. 

“The announcement will involve a broad coalition including state governments — Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger from environmentally-conscious California and Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm from auto-friendly Michigan will be there — as well as both the Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency, automakers, environmental groups, and others.”  Jake Tapper ABCnews.com

It is our freedom to choose which has fallen prey to these oligarchs.    While they meet and listen to their orders from their Tyrant, we have to watch our choices slip away.  All vehicles will need to be fuel efficient and therefore small.  All vehicles will have higher safety standards and therefore clunkers.  All vehicles, for the regular folks, will have to be golf carts with roll cages on them. 

We are entering an age of Soviet style cars.  That will inevitably also lead to Soviet style rationing, housing, food, and a Soviet way of life.  Woe is America.