Unrepentant Propaganda

Since our DFL (Democratic Farm-Labor) party has decided to steal this senate seat by stuffing ballot boxes and ignoring absentee ballots from GOP leaning districts, half a senator has represented the great state of Minnesota.  However, rather than looking at the pathetic, left leaning job that senator has been doing, the press is pumping up her image.  Amy Klobuchar is a mediocre politician who follows her leaders.  She does what she is told, without question.  That, in DFL politics, is an asset.  But, instead of doing its job by questioning the senator for the DFL and not the state, the state’s largest and most regressive newspaper does a campaign piece for her.


Blatantly using the situation our Secretary of State brought about by perverting the election process, Klobuchar has said she is ‘the entire Senate delegation from Minnesota.’  This is a political ploy by the camp follower (water carrier) on such leftist propaganda machines as the Rachel Maddow show, on which she is a frequent guest.  Using the far left to cement her image as a dutiful servant has given her some political cover for the future.  The political center in Minnesota is asleep and unaware of her far left causes while the far left has been a detractor in the past.  But, the endorsement, with a ridiculous ringing piece on her ‘hard work’ by the official DFL spokespaper, the StarTribune, should quiet her critics. 


Once again, instead of attempting to question those in power, the StarTribune reporter, Kevin Diaz, has written an apologia for Klobuchar’s questionable record.  They have refused to report her total subjugation to the Democratic juggernaut choosing party over state in every case.  She was the voice at the failing of the 35W bridge collapse who wailed, ‘bridges shouldn’t fall down in America’, as though bridges in America were immune to both the forces of gravity and the hubris of man.  Klobuchar is diligently working hard for GE to get the largest regressive tax ever enacted to pass the U.S. Senate.  The cap-and-trade legislation would sap American pockets by an estimated 1.9 trillion dollars by The Great Prevaricator’s (Obama) own numbers.  But that wouldn’t play with the masses, so Diaz plays Klobuchar’s own ‘woe is me’ card to the nth degree.  Such is the nature of the Democratic propagandists in this state. 


Instead of paying for this garbage, the people of the state of Minnesota should be provided such campaign rhetoric for free.  Since when did political parties charge for their own talking points?  The StarTribune seems incapable of investigating own duly elected officials and pointing out their flaws unless they actually rob a liquor store in broad daylight.  Even then, the StarTribune would probably put that story on page fourteen in small fount to cover their allies.  Really, we need a newspaper of news outlet of some small measure that is willing to question these people.  Their unfettered and unobstructed ability to lie and feint without question is amazing.  We need some truth-telling at the last.