A Taste of Their Own Medicine - Tax Unions

Since President Obama has said ‘everyone needs to have skin in the game,’ we should take him at his word.  The Democrats plan to tax corporation at a higher rate and limit loopholes that allow businesses to protect some of their assets offshore, it would only seem fair that we begin looker for other revenue streams as well.  There are many revenue sources that have, until now, seemed untouchable.  But, with Obama’s plan to limit charitable donations, or eliminate them, tax higher incomes at a greater rate, and limit the ability of capital to be accumulated, we need a fairer system.  Some organizations are not being utilized for the riches they have accumulated.  We need to look at those sources.


Labor unions are not taxed.  It seems brutally unfair that this revenue source should be exempt from the tax collectors’ purse.  It would seem the labor unions, a rich source of money, should welcome the opportunity to contribute to our nation during this difficult time.  They should be thrilled with this idea to be tapped at the same rate and level corporations are taxed.  It would be ridiculous to ignore this revenue source and would bring in many millions in tax dollars.  Businesses don’t really pay taxes, consumers pay the taxes in the form of higher prices.  Businesses factor in the taxes when they are figuring the price of their goods.  Unions can do the same thing with their dues.  They can raise the rate and level of their union dues to make up the difference.  That way, union workers can feel the pinch every bit as much as consumers.


Further revenue streams could be tapped by levying the same tax rates on non-profit organizations.  We could exempt charitable organizations and still collect millions from the myriad of non-profits that are out there collecting money but not paying their fair share.  They can pass on the cost in the same way as unions and businesses must.  Since most of these non-profit organizations are Democratic Party affiliates, they should jump at the chance to help the president out.  How can they say no to their fearless leader, Barack Obama?  How can they not advocate this very fair proposition?  We should offer them all the opportunity to help the country out since they are so eager to make everyone else pay the bill.  We should let them pay part of the humungous costs associated with this administration’s plans. 


This is really a great time for these organizations to ‘step up to the plate’ and pay their fair share.  Our own vice president has stated on numerous occasions that it is patriotic to pay taxes.  Let’s get them to put their money where their mouth is.  This would collect billions of dollars in revenue and educate the non-taxed sectors of the economy just how burdensome taxes are.  They apparently don’t understand the concept as of yet.