Obama's Presidential Report Card


a. Follows class rules – Obama tends to make up his own rules and definitions as it occurs to him – D

b. Follows school / playground rules – Obama makes rules for other people but doesn’t follow them himself – F

c. Accepts new situations – Obama takes advantage of crises for his own purpose – D

d. Works and plays well with others – Obama tends to tell other students to shut up and sit down – F

e. Resolves own conflicts – Obama has created more conflicts than resolved – D

f. Verbalizes feelings rather than acting out – Obama speaks loudly and carries no stick – C

g. Accepts direction and instruction – Obama follows Pelosi and Reid’s direction – B

h. Demonstrates responsible social / personal

behavior while participating in art – Obama has made the presidency a popularity contest – C

i. Demonstrates responsible social / personal

behavior while participating in music – Obama has a tin ear when it comes to rhetoric – D

a. Stays on task without supervision – Obama has veered from task to task without much direction – C

b. Listens attentively – Obama listens only to his own party – C

c. Follows directions – Obama accepts his TelePrompTer’s advice without reservations – B

d. Completes projects in a timely manner – Obama has radically altered the direction of this nation – B

e. Responsible for own materials – Obama has consistently blamed others for his own problems – F

f. Gives best effort – Obama works hard at destroying the American Experiment – B

g. Follows classroom routines – Obama follows the dictates of a leftist agenda – B


Final grade – C for the presidency but F for the best interests of the nation.